Instax Mini 8

On my last trip to Nottingham, I decided to treat myself to a Polaroid Camera! I have wanted the Instax Mini for so long, and I decided to finally take the leap and splurge! I thought I would make this a post about what I think of it, and how exactly the camera works if anyone else is […]

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Asos Haul

I’ve been living and breathing ASOS recently.. They just seem to have EVERYTHING that I want.. I seemed to be buying something from them every few days, which was something a bit crazy for me. (at least get everything to arrive together, Ellie!).

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The Cat Cafe!

Is there a better way to finish a month? I don’t think so! The other week Connor and I headed over to Nottingham for a few days for a break. I had been working a lot, so this trip seemed to land perfectly in time for us to get some time together. As a surprise […]

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