Vans X Lazy Oaf Unboxing

31st May 2018

Hey, so would’ve thought it, I went and brought yet another pair of shoes!

If you read my blog, you will know I recently brought the Lazy Oaf X Dr Martens Buckle Boots and unboxed them in a previous post! And yes, yet again I’m back with another pair of shoes from Lazy Oaf! This time though, they are collaborating with one of my all time favourite brands of shoe, VANS!

Honestly, I LOVE VANS. I used to wears Vans shoes constantly through School and College as to me they not only look cool but they are super comfy. I saw that Lazy Oaf would be designing some shoes a little over a year ago and I knew it was just meant to be!

These shoes were honestly super hard for me to get hold off though, as it seems everyone else had been eagerly waiting for the realise too! Unfortunately, when they were released I was in a class, and when I came out (just half an hour after the launch) they were ALL gone… Sometimes I forget how big of a brand Lazy Oaf has become!

┬áSo yes, of course I was glum for a few days, that was until a friend told me they’d finally been listed on Vans own website, so this time I snatched a pair up straight away.

And here they are, in all their glory.

The reason I fell so in love with these shoes is that they are cute but still very simply. I could wear these with pretty much all my clothes and I know it would go.

To me, and I know a few others say the same, they do feel a little big but it’s made them feel extra comfy to me. They feel very cushiony and soft, but I would advise trying them on in a store if you can before you commit just to be sure they are right for you!

As you can see they have these cool embroidery on the back, which reads ‘Bad for you’. I think this such a cool touch and with this, and the cute white hearts, these shoes feel VERY Lazy Oaf style without going overboard. Simple but cute.

You will see that the shoes come with two pairs of laces, one is plain black and one is checkboard. I’m personally not a fan of the checkerboard print so I’ve been boring and stuck with the black laces. I sort of wish they had included some pastel pink laces too as I feel that would’ve gone really well, but I guess I can get some of those myself soon!

So that’s my mini unboxing. If you have any questions be sure to ask! I’ve definitely been into shoes a lot more recently so I guess you can expect more.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your week! – Ellie

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