Bradgate Park

24th May 2018


I recently visited Bradgate Park in Leicester, which is a huge 830 acres of land with free roaming deers in the country side. I thought it would be a great opportunity to enjoy some photography, something me and my boyfriend both have been enjoying a lot.

I thought why not share some of my photos here!

I’ve been to Bradgate a few times with my family, but since buying my camera I’ve been desperate to go and take some photos! Since the weather has been so good in the UK recently, now is the perfect time to take a picnic and enjoy some of the sights and trails the park has to offer.

The park is huge, and filled with many different sights to see. There is Old John Tower, Yeomanry War Memorial and The Ruins of Bradgate House. There is also a The River Lin that runs directly through the lower park of Bradgate, its scattered with rocks so you can climb over it and you will see people paddling in when its a hot day too. The river is also home to lots of wildlife ,so there’s lots of event’s for the family for nature trails in the summer.

There’s also a little Tea Room and a Visitor centre where they hold lots of fossils and information about the parks history.

Of course, my main reason for going to the park today was to see the beautiful deers.

The park supports Red and Fallow deer with a herd size around 450.

They are all completely wild deer, a large area of the park has no public access, so it’s just kept as a sanctuary for them.  It’s known that the deer roam free and mix with visitors if they want too.

Although they are quite comfortable with people, you have to keep your distance from them and know your limit on how close you can get without scaring them away.

I would say the best time to come to a park is when we did, on a weekday and before all the kids have broken up. Of course, when its really busy and there are lots of people at the park, it’s much harder to get closer to the deer as all the people do tend to scare them off a bit.

Even so, there is still so much space that you will know they always have somewhere to go if they do not like the human company.

People even bring there dogs for walks in the park and the deers don’t seem to mind (aslong as the dog is on a lead of course!).

They are honestly pretty laid back and relaxed.

And the nature around the park is beautiful on its own, and visiting all the ruins and learning a bit of history is a great day out on its own. We brought a little picnic when we went, and it really is a lovely experience.

So, there’s some of the photos me and my boyfriend took! I hope you liked them, and maybe you will set a little day up during summer to explore the park!

I know this post is different to my normal fashion posts, but I’m hoping I can share some more of my photography here as it’s something we’ve really been getting passionate about.

Thank you so much for reading! – Ellie

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