Dr Martens X Lazy Oaf Unboxing

3rd May 2018


Yes, forgive me I have sinned once again… I brought shoes I absolutely don’t need but at the same time… I really needed!

That’s right, today I’m finally showing you my latest big splurge… The Dr Martens X Lazy Oaf Buckle Boots!

Actually, I’ve never owned a pair of Dr Martens before, so at first I was very unsure about buying them. I hear that they can be quite uncomfortable to start with, and after a while they soften up and become so comfy.

When it comes to shoes I’m really picky too! If they are not comfortable straight away, they will end up gathering dust in my room… But when I saw them selling out, I just couldn’t resist and thought well why not just give them a go?

They arrived in the brown box you can see above, covered in cute black hearts and the Lazy Oaf x Dr Martens logo. The boots were wrapped up carefully in white tissue paper covered in the same little black hearts. I think the packaging is adorable!

So here are the boots in all their glory! These soft suede boots are available in pink and black, although I was very close to getting the black, I felt like for the amount of money I was spending I might as well get something a little different so I opted for the pink instead!

The boots also feature this amazing triple heart buckle detail (Hence the name, the Buckle Boot) which is so simple but oh so cute. It really makes them feel so Lazy Oaf!

Inside the boot is also another Dr Martens X Lazy Oaf logo, covered with matching pink hearts… All these small details really make the boots feel special to me.

I think my favourite thing about these boots, is these little baby hearts on the back! I know on the black pair they have pink hearts, so they match!

You will see that the heart is almost embedded in the shoes, which looks more interesting and means they aren’t likely to get ruined (whereas if they had just sewn hearts on, I’d worry they would end up falling off).

You will also notice with these shoes how big the platform is. Honestly, these shoes are HUGE and so heavy when you wear them… But for me that’s not a bad thing at all! They are really stompers and honestly, make you feel so badass (but still cute!).

Final verdict? I’m in LOVE with these shoes! They are definitely an investment, but if you get student discount it does sort of soften the blow… These are available on Lazy Oaf, Schuh, ASOS, Dollskill and Dr Martens website! If you want them, I recommend getting in there quick because they are selling very quick!

Thank you so much for reading… I actually also have the Lazy Oaf X Vans, So I’ll be sure to share my thoughts on them soon! – Ellie

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