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25th April 2018

Hello! It’s been a while since my last post, and although I’ve been desperate to blog, I just haven’t had any time due to University Deadlines (aaah!).

Luckily, I’ve managed to get all the work finished off now and not procrastinate for once, so I thought I could enjoy my evening, relaxing and sharing some really cute recent buys of mine with you!

The first item, and properly the most exciting purchase for me, is this adorable satin pink jacket from Rate Cute. I saw her reworking this amazing jacket on her instagram stories and I just felt it was calling for me…

The back is covered with this fabulous unicorn with super soft furry mane, with pretty bows and sparkly stars too. This jacket makes me feel like I’m in the most adorable biker gang!

I’ve talked about Rate Cute a few times on this blog now, but her designs are seriously out of this world and I couldn’t not share yet another cute item from her!

It’s amazing to have a handmade piece that no one else has… I’ll definitely be treasuring this jacket.

Which moves me swiftly on to the T-Shirt I’m wearing! I recently noticed one of my all time favourite artists, Mel Stringer, produce a line of T-shirts with some of her designs on. It was a bit of a long time wait for these to arrive, as the postage service was a little slow and they sort of went off the radar for a bit, but Mel couldn’t have been more helpful when I contacted her for advice. Now they are finally here for me to wear!

This first one is Cat Brat Gang, you can also get this in complete pink but I personally prefer the white.

The next is this Orange Juice T-Shirt. I think this is so adorable, and quite unique! I’ve also been trying to get a few more colours in my wardrobe that aren’t pink (BTW a summer haul is definitely coming soon!).

You can get these T-Shirts and more here.

So next I have a few interesting item’s I got from ASOS. I actually brought the very last pair of these (sorry) but I thought you would like to see them anyway, they are these adorable Hello Kitty slippers! Honestly, I spend a lot of my time working away at things in comfy clothes in my office, so I wanted a pair of slippers I could just slide on. Obviously, these are super cute, and if you’ve read my previous posts you know I’m obsessed with Pink and Red at the moment! The big bow’s and the Hello kitty embroidery make these slippers extra special!

The next thing I brought from ASOS, is a little random but too cute not to share. It’s this pack of socks from Monki!

I brought a pair of fluffy socks from Monki forever ago with faces on, and when I noticed this large pack of face socks I just thought they were so funny I had to buy them!

Which one are you?

The last item from ASOS is this amazing pair of hand earrings from Reclaimed Vintage. I’ve been really loving Reclaimed Vintage, they have some really interesting and unique items and these earrings are kind of strange but cute!

They are quite thick, but don’t feel uncomfortable or heavy to wear. They are definitely a statement piece!

The next item actually came today, and this time it’s from somewhere a little different, its from Amazon! I’ve been looking for a new pink backpack since my Kanken is kind of… well destroyed. I’ve noticed people on instagram with these Ita Bag’s for ages and I thought it would be the perfect bag for me!

I think it’s SO cute! With Ita Bags it has a panel behind the see through piece so you can display badges and pin without the worry of them get damaged or falling off. I honestly just got it because I thought it looked cute, and I think I’m just going to keep it blank.

I did try it out with a couple of random pins, but right now I’m keeping it with out (let me know what you think I guess?).

Oh and the panel on this bag is glittery too, so it’s extra magical!

You can get this backpack, and in few different colours too from here!

The last item I will show you is related to the backpack, yet another pin from Sugarbones Pin Club!

Honestly, I keep meaning to cancel my subscription (poor student lyfe) but everytime I get a new pin, it seems to be my new favourite and I can’t seem to make myself come out of it now! (It’s an addiction, but a cute one at least).

I absolutely LOVE bats, they are so cute and strange, so I LOVE this pin! As you can see its an all white bat with an obsession for fruit! This pack comes with a little print, a collection of stickers and of course, an adorable enamel pin!

You can wear the bat right side up or upside down, I feel like upside down is more suitable for a bat so that’s how I’m wearing him here!

So, that includes my adorable buys from the last few weeks! I have a few other things I will be sharing soon so be prepared for me to be very active here again 🙂 Thank you so much for reading! – Ellie

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