Life’s a Festival – Too Faced Review

29th March 2018

Hey! So I splurged on another piece of make up, but how could I not buy a Unicorn themed Palette?! So I thought I would share my thoughts on the palette, some swatches and a little eyeshadow look!

If I said the packaging of makeup wasn’t something I was interested in, I would absolutely be lieing! One of the main things I love about make up is when it comes packed all pretty and obviously, as always, Too Faced bring the best packaging around!

It first arrives in this pretty holographic box which you can see creates this beautiful rainbow effect from the lighting. It also shows a pastel rainbow with golden stars and a fabulous unicorn on top.

On the back of this box shows the ingredients and each of the colours included. You will be able to tell straight away that the colours are going to be bright and fun!

When you remove the palette from the box you can see its this wonderful rainbow shape. The Palette feels raised and padded to touch, so it feels and looks really unique and high quality, it looks adorable!

When you open it up you’ll see a beautiful array of exciting colours, and this wonderful cloud shaped mirror, which is always useful for travelling!

With this palette I really feel like you’re getting a variety of colours, from anything from brown to bright blue!

They also include this little leaflet with the Palette, which shows some different eyeshadow looks you can achieve. Its great to get some inspiration from this.

So, lets swatch the colours and see how they look compared to in the pan.

For this first set, I swatched the outside of the circle first. The eyeshadows feel so soft to apply and come out so pigmented. These shades will be so easy to blend and you could definitely achieve a lot of looks with the variety of colours included.

You will be able to see that there are a few matte shades, but most of the colours are shimmery. They really catch the light when you move and honestly look so pretty!

Here are the last 5 colours plus Unicorn Tears which is a highlighter!

I think this is such a lovely light highlighter, but I think I still prefer my Love Light highlighter as I just find that’s a softer colour, but this is¬†definitely a close second!

So I created a quick look using these eyeshadows. For this I simply applied Dusk Till Dawn on the eyes, and added some Unicorn Tears just under the brow and in the centre of the eyes. I then used a thin brush with Funtasy and applied it as though it was an eyeliner!

Honestly, I love this palette, I find it is more pigmented compared to the Peach Palette I have from Too Faced, so I feel like they are upping their game even more now! I really love the bright and vibrant colours, and I look forward to creating a few different eyeshadow looks with this.

I am highly considering buying more Too Faced products already, so let me know if you have any suggestions on other products I should try out!

As always, thank you so much for reading! – Ellie



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