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26th March 2018

Today, I thought I’d share just a couple of outfits in one big post! A couple of these I actually took a while back, but recently I found them again and thought why not take a few more and make it a blog post?

The first is this black and lilac look! I really like the look of mixing black with pastel colours. Here I have this Bear jumper that I actually got from depop and the Never on Time beret that is also from Lazy Oaf. I paired it with black skinny jeans, a pair of buckled chunky boots from ASOS and this Prada bag dupe I also brought from Depop!

The next look is this rainbow jumper I got on sale at ASOS! I was so unsure about this jumper because it’s a lot brighter then I’d normally go (you’ll know I tend to lean towards pastel colours more!) and I almost put on it on depop recently, but then I tried it on again and decided I actually really liked it, even though its a little different.

I paired it with these velvet black flats with bows from ASOS, my Other Stories heart patch Jeans and of course a pair of Frilly Pop Shop frog earrings.

Back to pastels now then, it’s an Esther Loves You look!

I would say Esther Loves Oaf is my favourite collaboration Lazy Oaf’s have made so far! Here I have the Esther bag, top and lilac jacket! All of these are second hand actually, if you keep a good eye out on Depop they do pop up for good prices now and again, you just have to be very very quick!

I paired my Esther clothes with a pair of these adorable kitten Monki mom Jeans, my pastel pink puma shoes and of course, a pink hair bow!

This is more of a going out outfit, I’d love a chance to wear this somewhere fancy soon! It’s a Pink Coord Skirt with these cute heart shaped pockets, I wore this skirt a lot last summer and honestly I find that Lazy Oaf skirts fit so well and look really flattering on!

I paired it with a pair of black heels from ASOS and the fluffy sleeved top from GEM.

I also paired it with the Lazy Oaf Messed Up beret. Honestly this has become such a rare piece (the last time I saw one sell was for £1o0+???) but again, if you keep an eye out, one does pop up eventually for a good price.

I brought this for £15, which is lower then it was when Lazy Oaf sold it!

The next look is with an old and my most recent Lazy Oaf Purchase. Here you can see the Nobody Loves You top and my pink tote I got in London a few weeks back. I was really unsure about the Nobody top as I’m not too keen on the text, but the rest of it is just so cute that I had to keep it!

I paired this with simple black skinny jeans and pink pumas again (just in case there wasn’t enough pink in the outfit already!).

This photo was taken quite a while ago but I think the pieces go well together so I thought I should share anyway! I love these rose embroidered jeans from Lazy Oaf, the cut and shape of these jeans looks really unique, even though I’m usually more of a skinny jean girl!

Here I paired it with chunky boots, the never on time beret again and the pink zippy mouth jumper!

The last look is one more Esther Loves Oaf piece! I got this piece pretty recently on Depop and I LOVE it! It’s velour so it feels super soft and comfy to wear. It also has cute little poppers down the side and little roses embroidered to the collar, all the little details really make this piece adorable! Again, I just paired it with skinny black jeans and my pumas again for a sporty but casual look.

So, I hope you enjoyed this random Lazy Oaf look book! I feel like I haven’t been able to do full outfit shots in a while so it was fun for me to do again!

Thank you so much for reading! – Ellie

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