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20th March 2018


I had some free time today, and some cute things I brought in the last month or so, so I thought I’d come back to the blog and share a few things!

The first item is the one you will see above! Its a SNACKS Jumper!

I’ve been eyeing these jumpers up for a longggg time on instagram, they recently did something called ‘Midnight Snacks’ where everything goes on sale at midnight…

Unfortunately because I have the brain of a lil old lady, I couldn’t stay up till midnight and fell asleep long before… But I messaged them and they still let me have one anyway (woohoo!).

As you can see its hugely oversized, but that’s exactly how I like my sweaters! The sweater is also really soft and cosy inside, plus the ‘Snacks’ font is embroidered so it feels really high quality!

You can get Snacks sweaters in lots of different colours, but I went for pink (obviously).

Next up is an item I just go today! This adorable parcel from I Love Crafty is perfect for Easter, since its right around the corner now.

This is another brand I’ve been admiring for a while, but when I saw the little Easter Bunny Collection launch, I knew it was my time to strike!

Look how cute the pink tissue paper is with the adorable bunny sticker. She also included a little chocolate egg which was a super sweet touch!

What I brought were these little pastel earrings, one is a lilac bunny, the other its pom pom tail! I just think this is a great idea and looks so cute! I would so recommend checking out her website as she has many other pastel bunny themed items, such as brooches and necklaces, in a variety of colours!

This next item, is probably the most exciting for me! Do you remember that fluffy cat sweater I got during christmas time? Well this is another item from the cute factory, known as Rate Cute (aka Chazzy B).

She’s recently been re-werking some second hand clothing, and when I saw this halfway through a work shift, I knew we were meant to be together…

This pastel pink polo crop top, with these adorable white heart buttons and amazing ribbon detail down the sleeve….. Not to mention, it was also in my size, I actually felt like I was being summoned!

The fact that its one of a kind also makes me SO happy to own it too! I love the idea of taking something old and giving it a new lease of life!

Honestly, if you’re on instagram, I’d keep an eye on Rate Cute, she constantly has amazing things in the works!

She also included these cute stickers, and the top arrived well packaged in this pink parcel with little stick on diamonds… Could it get any cuter?

Okay okay, so I went on a recent trip to London for a University trip. It’s possible, that on my way to the train station I was grabbed by staff members of Lazy Oaf and FORCED to go in and get this bag idk what happened…

Alright alright… That’s not what happened, what happened was I was in London and thought how the heck can I actually go home without going into my fave store? Honestly the staff were so sweet and chatty, and what can I say, when it comes to cute items, I’m weak!

And this bag definitely got to me. I’d been eyeing up this tote bag ever since it got dropped online, with its adorable Puppy Dog embroidery offering a rose, how could I resist its hopeful eyes?

These amazing bright pink fluffy straps are so… so soft, you’ll just want to stroke them all day…? (That definitely sounded weird).

It also has a little popper so the bag stays together when you have all your stuff in, which I think is a pretty neat touch!

The only Make Up item I’ve tried recently is this wonderful concealer from Revolution! I’m sure you’ve already heard about this, as it pretty much blew up on social media saying how wonderful it is, especially for its cheap price of £4.00!

I really struggled to get my hands on this, and I kept popping my local Super Drug to see if they had it but they were sold out for weeks… Finally last week, I visited the store near my University and they had around 3 in stock! Woohoo!

And honestly, it was worth the wait! It feels really light on the skin but it has amazing coverage, I can easily say this is the best concealer I’ve ever used and I’ll definitely be re-purchasing it when I run out! It also comes in many different shades, this one matches my skin so well (My shade is c3 if you were wondering!).

So, now were onto the very last item, and maybe the most fabulous (?).

I saw Marzia mention a shop called AnnyDesignFelt that made her and Pewdiepie cute little doll versions of themselves. They were too cute! I instantly fell in love with her little figurines, and after browsing her creations on her shop, I ended up coming away with this little lilac unicorn….

I cannot explain how much I love my tiny unicorn. It’s such a small and simple design, but I really feel like she really brightens up the room.

She has this adorable little polymer clay pink horn and is holding a giant clay lollypop.

Butt Shot! 😉

You can see her hairy baby blue tail and mane, with these cute shiny pink and gold stars up around her butt!

The adorable little flower hair clip and that sticky out tongue really add so much character to this small unicorn! I absolutely want to go back and buy another small felt friend, her designs are just so colourful and bright, with lots of personality!

So, that concludes the random collection of my recent buys! I always feel like I have nothing to show for a blog post, but then once I have a few things I feel like I’ve made it wayyy too long haha!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post anyway, and maybe even seen something you’d like for yourself!

Thank so much for reading! – Ellie



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