A Snow Day

2nd March 2018

So today my train got cancelled and I ended up taking a ‘Snow Day’ since the weather has been so bad here in the UK. Honestly, I don’t really have much to show for this post but I felt like just having a chat and sharing some photos, so here I am!

We never get a lot of snow, so it’s always a surprise when we do. For my odd day off I decided to get on with some work for my course, and did some general house jobs. I also managed to take some quick photos outside before it got too cold for me!

As much as I find snow and frost beautiful, I really don’t handle the cold well at all! I’m honestly someone who is always cold, even when other people are warm sometimes, so I was more then happy to stay inside for most of today.

I’m almost mid way through my first year of University, and its strange to think how fast its going by.

It’s funny really, how quickly things and people can change, just like the weather. Although I’ve only been studying a few months, I feel like it has really started to change who I am as a person, and every day I feel like I’m taking a step away from who I was before.

I’ve been wanting to do a blog post about my experience with Mental Health for, actually before I even had this blog. I used to do small write ups even just on Word or on Tumblr, but they would just stay as a draft… It’s something very personal to me, but something I know in my heart should be shared, because for me, realising I’m not alone really helped me to recover.

I suppose that post will have to wait just a little longer for now though.

People often ask me why I take photos so often, in fact I upload around twice a day to Instagram and honestly it’s because that’s one of the things that helps me relax. Placing items together, and taking some photos really chills me out! I don’t think I’m anything special at photography at all, but it’s definitely something I’ve been enjoying more and more everyday.

When I was younger, I remember I used to always take photos of dolls, and then when I began to collect Action Figures, I’d set up little scenes and attempt to find cool backdrops for them, so I guess its something I’ve always been a little bit into.

Just taking a few minutes out of today to take the simple photos you are seeing here, definitely relaxed me when life has been feeling more and more chaotic recently. In a sense, having today as a ‘Snow Day’ felt like a blessing. I feel like I needed to get my head re-arranged a little and just have an hour or so where I could just relax and do the things I enjoy most.

I think its so important to have these days. No, it’s not possible to have all the time because life can get hectic, but just finding times to do something you enjoy is definitely good for your mind.

I think it’s something I’m realizing now I’m getting older, that I’m generally unhappy unless I’m working on something, whether its for University, Unlucky Unicorn, Photography or a Blog Post, it’s definitely all I really ever want to be doing! I think realising what truly makes you happy, and making time to fit those things back into your life is a wonderful change to make.

Even if some people might thing its a little silly, if it makes you happy, that’s all that matters!

So, that concludes this little ramble post… I wonder whether I can do more chatty posts like this, or if I should just keep to the Beauty and Fashion theme. Let me know I guess!

Oh yes and the toys photographed are above are from Lapka Arts and Yeti and Friends.

Thank you for reading!- Ellie





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