Sugarbones Pin Haul

23rd February 2018

Hey, a month ago I ordered quite a large amount of Enamel Pins from one of my long time favourite artists, Sugarbones. When it arrived, I thought I could share this haul with you for a cute little blog post!

I actually ended up ordering from Sugarbones twice in only a few days of each other, once was when she released her Studio Ghilbi Collection and the next was when I decided to sign up to her Pin Club.

I think I’ll start with the Ghilbi Collection, and explain the Pin Club after that!

I had a really hard time choosing what pins I wanted from this collection, as I seriously loved everything! As I was on the website too, I was noticed how things were quickly going to ‘Sold Out’ so I ended up just getting all the ones I wanted before they were gone. As you can see, I got quite a few!

The first one, and the pin I was most excited about actually, ‘Haku’ the River Spirit from Spirited Away. He is 1.8 inches tall and as you can see super cute!

I feel like he is simple but still has so much detail. A really lovely pin, I can’t wait to wear him!

The next pins are from Kiki’s Delivery Service, the first is this ‘Miss Witch’ pin. As you can see its the invitation she gets when she’s invited to a party! I think this such a simple reference but so cute too!

The last pins are Jiji and Lily the cats. I was going to buy Jiji on his own, but then I decided that they looked cuter together and I also imagined it would look lovely on a collar.

I think they really work well on a collar, I also think that they would also look cute either side of a cardigan.

All orders from Sugarbones come with free stickers which is always such a sweet touch! She also always includes a mini print with orders.

And the mini print also has a cute little printed Thank You note on the back.

Overall, I really love these Ghilbi pins, I just think they are so beautiful and are such a high quality!

So for the next order, I signed up to the Sugarbones Pin Club! Basically, its a monthly subscription service where you receive a collection of Limited Edition goodies designed by Sugarbones, that won’t be available on her website. I’d be interested in signing up to it for a long time. When I heard that this months theme would be Animal Crossing, I decided to make this the time that I gave it a go!

And when it arrived I was so happy with what I got! As you can see its Katrina the Fortune Teller from Animal Crossing! She used her quote ‘The bad times… are just times that are bad’.

I love this quote and I just think its the perfect character to choose from the game, as it’s someone more unique and interesting.

As you can see you receive a few different items when you are a part of The Pin Club, but of course the main item is this pin!

The next item is this cute little fortune card! It was one of those cards that you scratch away with a coin to reveal, I thought this was a really cool extra to keep with the theme!

I also got these two stickers, I love the one of Katrina’s hands and some Bells, it’s cute but feels kind of creepy too which I love!

The last item was another mini print! I’d love to get both of the prints I got framed someone where, because I really do love the quotes!

I’m SO happy with what I got in the pin club! Honestly, I was going to just do this as a one time thing but I’m highly considering keeping it up for another month or so because it was so exciting unwrapping the item, its like getting a special little birthday present!

I could go as far as to say all of my favourite Pins have come from Sugarbones! They are just so detailed and cute, they really are something to treasure.

I’d love to do a post about my Pin Collection soon because I’ve collected quite a few now from different artists so I think that might be interesting. But for now, Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you in the next post! – Ellie



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