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Cute Items and Little Changes

19th February 2018


I feel like blogging has in recent weeks become a ‘Monday evening thing’ now, and I quite enjoy having this little routine in my life.

However as for today, I wasn’t too sure what route I wanted to go down for this post. I keep wondering if I should write about something more meaningful soon but I think I have to get a little more brave until then… For today, I’ve decided I will just relax and show you some little changes I’ve been making and some cute items I’ve brought in the recent month too!

Alright, so the first item I brought was quite a while ago now but I have yet to show it so here it is!

When I saw this shirt for sale on Miss Patina, I knew I needed it. Honestly, it’s the most beautiful shirt I’ve ever seen in my life.

I’d put off buying it for a few months (since, y’know dat price tag) but a couple of weeks ago I saw it and I just caved…

I just couldn’t let myself miss out on this shirt, it was just too beautiful and unique, and I just know I’ll never see anything remotely similar to this again.

As you can see, the shirt itself has different shades of blue colours faded into each other just like the night sky, with these beautiful white star signs printed all over. The fabric is soft and feels extremely high quality which of course is a great plus!

It also has this beautiful frill going all the way around the chest which gives it a really flattering and feminine feel.

The main thing that drew me to this shirt is this glorious unicorn collar. I just thought it would look amazing under a jumper too (with just the unicorn collar on top) so it would work well for in the daytime. These little star shaped buttons are a wonderful finishing touch too.

Miss Patina clothes are more than clothes to me, they are a true treasure, and this absolutely one I will be treasuring.

It feels random doesn’t it, to say right now I’m obsessed with Peaches (the perfect butt shaped fruit!) but I can’t help it I just am! I found these adorable little studs from Finest Imaginary on Etsy and I just think they are so wonderful! I’ve been trying to stock up on more interesting stud earrings that I can wear day to day, and these are perfect. If you can, I’d absolutely check out their Etsy page as they have lots of really unique items for sale!

If you follow me on Instagram, you will already know I’ve been on a big wardrobe sort out. Basically, I woke up one morning and just decided there were clothes I had that needed new loving homes (you can shop my wardrobe on Ebay under Jellybean0091).

On this journey, I also found some clothes that not only had I completely forgotten about, but clothes I liked but didn’t fit me well or needed some adjustments.

So since I had a day off from University, I decided to finally sort these items out!

You will know that if you buy from Lazy Oaf, there long sleeves and T-Shirts tend to be really oversized. Although I love the look of oversized clothes, I’m just a little too short sometimes and the clothes were so long they were practically drowning me..

I was very nervous to take these items up, since they are quite expensive pieces (and also pretty rare to find now..) but I got on with it, and now I couldn’t be happier! Overall I took about 9 inches off all my tops, and now I can’t wait to wear these pieces!

Then I got brave, and I decided that I never really liked these fishnet sleeves on this Beyond Repair Shirt also from Lazy Oaf…

So they got the chop too! Now I’m so much happier with it just as a shirt and it can easily be worn more casually now.

I’ve even had friends say they are going to do the same to their shirts which is funny!

I really love it now, and it’s crazy to think that just by making some alterations or changes, you can end up with all new pieces to wear!

If you’re not very brave with sewing, there is tonnes of tutorials online for doing little things like hemming, or you can even go to your local tailor and tell them what you want (It’s normally really cheap too).

So, on to another item! I went shopping for my best friends birthday gifts and ended up getting her a few items from ASOS, however when I was searching I also found this belt for me!

I think its adorable and a nice little touch just to make a casual outfit a little more interesting!

Next item (or items) are these beautiful ‘Under The Sea’ Nail Paints by Barry M. I just can’t get enough of Barry M’s Nail Paints at the moment, they are so easy to apply, always last me a while and these are Vegan too! I saw these in the shop and I had to get them to try out as the colours are just so pretty.

I tried this nail paint out with some Valentines Nail Decals I brought from Pearl Planet a while back. How cute do they look? The nail paint really glimmers in the light and I applied this a few days before valentines and the nail varnish and decals are still holding up perfectly as I type now!

Those little frogs just melt my heart…

On to the very last items now then! My mum went to London for the day, and she passed by Sass and Belle in Convent Garden and brought me two treats home (thanks mum!).

One is this ADORABLE little plushie cactus with a little pink flower on its head, it’s so simple but oh so cute, plus I won’t need to have to try to keep it alive (woohoo).

And even the tag is so cute, ‘Pick me, I’m Pretty!’.

She is also brought me this bag, I’ve actually had one of Sass and Belles Storage Bags before and honestly they are incredible! They have quite a large width, so you can store loads in it and all of the prints they do are adorable!

I love this Llama print, it looks amazing! I might use this one for when I have to take lots of items to Uni, much cuter then a large carrier bag haha!

So, that was all I have to share for now! I feel like these sort of posts can feel like such a random mix of items, but I love taking the photos and writing so much for them!

I hope maybe you will see something you like, and maybe even have a look through your own wardrobe, you never know you may have some forgotten treasures in there!

Thank you so much for reading as always! – Ellie

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