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Mistys Castle Unboxing

13th February 2018

Hey! So I got reallyyyy lucky with a pair of shoes from Schuh, so when they arrived in the post, I thought I could share another little shoe unboxing with you!

I’m honestly SO excited for these shoes!!! If you follow me on instragram, you’ll know I LOVE Irregular Choice Shoes. Me and my friend recently visited the store in London, all we could afford at the time was a pair of earrings each, and the lady offered to give me one of the giant shoe bags anyway! I was so excited by that alone haha!

How cute is this bunny box?

Of course, Irregular Choice shoes do come with a larger price tag so they’ve always been out of my reach.. Although, and I’m not sure why, but I started thinking about Irregular Choice shoes again randomly one morning, so I checked on my phone and flicked few Schuh’s website at what they had to offer..

I saw these shoes, called ‘Misty’s Castle’ that I had wanted so long ago, but now they had gone on sale!

And somehow, as if by fate, there was only ONE pair left, in my size!

And even though they had gone on sale which was great, Schuh was also offering 20% off for students too!

So these shoes, all in all cost me around £30!!!

Of course, I didn’t even hesitate to buy them, and honestly they are even more beautiful in real life then they are online!

As you can see, the packaging fits the Irregular Choice theme perfectly. The shoes also came wrapped up in this pretty pastel blue tissue paper with white hearts printed on.

So, for Misty’s Castle you can see the main embroidery on the front of these beautiful sky blue shoes. It’s a fabulous unicorn with long eyelashes and the other shoe, is of course, a pastel castle.

I just can’t get over how beautiful these are! Here is a closer shot of the glittery Unicorn. You can see it’s beautiful braided nose band, and the sparkly sky blue mane! These shoes really catch the light in the most amazing way and all these little details make these shoes such a unique piece.

All around these shoes you will find this pretty shiny gold frill along the top, and this bubblegum pink drip effect at the base that reminds me of icing!

The sides of the shoes also have these pretty matching glitter stars.

And the inside has this wonderful gold embroidered logo of Irregular Choice!

Honestly, I couldn’t be happier to FINALLY own a pair of Irregular Choice shoes. They are just so wonderfully made, and I’ll definitely be treasuring these shoes for a long time!

Thank you so much for reading, I’ll be back with another post soon! – Ellie




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