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5th February 2018

I wasn’t too sure what I wanted to blog about this week, so I figured since I’ve finally got into a good ‘make up’ routine, I thought I would share what I have been using every single day!

I feel like the past year or so I’d be trying out a lot of different make up brands to find what works well for me. I’ve also been trying my best to switch to ‘Cruelty-Free’ brands, because it’s something I strongly believe in.

So, to start with I cleanse my face with a Make Up wipe, and then I apply this Ultra Face Base Primer from Revolution.

This stuff is wonderful, and also really cheap which is a great plus! It really makes my skin feel moisturized and when all my makeup has been applied my skin feels a lot softer then it did before.

To apply the primer I just go in with my fingers and rub it all over. It’s clear, so I don’t really worry about getting this product on my hands. Any other product I use next is applied with one of these four brushes (as well as a cheap Beauty Blender which I didn’t photograph haha). The highlighter brush is from Superdrug and the other colourful one are from a big set of Lottie Brushes I brought from ASOS.

So, after I’ve applied the primer, I use this Tea Tree BB cream and then on top of this I use this Fresh Nude Foundation. Both of these item’s are from Body Shop, I can say that I’ve tried many different BB Creams now, but this one is my absolute favourite! It matches my skin perfectly, makes my skin feel soft and less dry. It is also pretty pigmented for a BB Cream!

After applying the BB Cream, I then use Fresh Nude Foundation just around the areas I feel need a bit of extra coverage. This also matches my skin perfectly, it’s not got the fullest coverage, it’s quite a light foundation but that’s all I feel I need right now.

Next I use this ‘All-In-One Face Base’ also from Body Shop! It’s supposed to be a powder and a foundation in one, but I just use it as a powder on top of my foundation and it work’s perfectly! It really helps to give a light and even finish, I’ve been using this product for quite a long time now.

I’ve spoken to a few friends about Body Shop, and people often say the only reason they haven’t tried it is the price. Honestly though, I’ve never paid full price on any of items! They constantly email discounts and have online sales, plus if you’re with 02 they’re always on their Priority page.

I’m not sure if you can still do it, but I was able to combine my 02 discount with any other discount codes, so I ended up saving about 80% of the price haha!

When you open the powder it also includes a pretty round mirror. It has two separate panels to lift up, one with the sponge applicator, and underneath that is the actual powder. It’s quite lovely to have them separated like this.

Next I use this Bourjois Little Round Pot Blush! As far as I know, Bourjois Paris isn’t cruelty free, so this not one I’ll re-buy, but I’ve had this blush a very long time so I continue to use it until I find a suitable replacement (I’ll probably get the Too Faced Blusher soon to replace it!).

The next item is from the main image above, it’s this beautiful ‘Love Lights’ highlighter from my favourite brand, Too Faced.

As you can see its not as pretty now as it was when I first brought it, but I’ve been using this everyday for months and honestly it’s a really lovely, natural highlighter that can quite easily be built up for a more dramatic glow.

As you know, Too Faced is a more High-End Brand, but for the price, and how long this is lasting me, I really believe the price is worth it!

My eyebrows are pretty thin, and I just like to use this ‘Archery DIY Brow Bar’ from the brand Soap & Glory to fill them in and make them a little more shapely.

I’m not one of those people who goes for the bold, dramatic eyebrow!

As you can see, it includes two brow powder shades, a pearl shimmer highlighter and a transparent setting wax to hold brows in place. Inside is also a little comb which I use to make sure no foundation or powder has gotten caught in my eyebrows and then two angled brushes all inside a neat and compact case, with a mirror.

Next is my favourite part, the eyes! Before I do anything else, I apply this ‘Focus & Fix’ eye primer from Revolution. I’ve been using this for a year or two now, and honestly it lasts ages and really helps keep my eyeshadow where it needs to be!

As you can see its a very light beige, I just apply a little bit using the applicator and then use a, eyeshadow brush to blend it in.

Honestly, I’ve ended up with quite a few different eyeshadow palettes over the past half a year, but this palette and these two little pots is what I switch between every day!

This Too Faced Peach Palette is my ultimate favourite! Not only is it full of many different beautiful shades, but it also smells just like peaches! As soon as you open the lid the room starts to smell like Peach and its really wonderful!

As you can see in the image above, ‘Bellini’ is a rose-gold shade that I just can’t seem to stop using!

I’ve also been using these little NYX pots more frequently now!

Since the ends of my hair have become a darker pink, I’ve been pairing it with this dark pink eyeshadow (Dollface) to match! I also use this white shade (Frostbite), in the inner corners of my eyes!

After applying my eyeshadow, I use my Too Faced Sketch Marker and the Better Than Sex Mascara.

I already blogged a review about these recently, but I’ve been using them every day since I brought them and I find they have been working really well for me!

I would say I am quite a ‘Lipstick Hoarder’, and have ended up trying many different brands and shades. These two are the one’s I have been reaching for everytime I go out! Both of these I have reviewed here on the blog too, the first is the more recent ‘Lavender Honey’ from Limecrime and the next is a bit older, but still amazing, ‘Trinket’ from Sugarpill. Both of these Liquid Lipsticks are pinky-brown shades, they both apply smooth and last ages, even when you eat and drink!

The Sugarpill lipstick is also infused with speckles of Gold Glitter, and honestly, it looks AMAZING on!

The very last thing I use, is this Setting-Spray also from Body Shop. It does a great job of holding my makeup, and just refreshes my face after applying all my makeup.

So, that’s my Everyday! I hope you found it helpful, I’m absolutely not a makeup guru or anything even close but this is what works best for me!

If you have any recommendations on a Cruelty-Free Blusher do let me know so I can replace my other one!

As always, Thank you for reading! – Ellie


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