3rd February 2018

So, I just got back from a short trip to Brighton, and thought I’d share some of my favourite photos I took here! (Beware, this post is quite long!)

I’ve wanted to visit Brighton for SO long! I know it offers lots of unique things to see and do so I had been desperate to explore and take photos! Finally on Thursday, we hopped on a train and soon we arrived at Brighton!

We arrived quite late in the day to our hotel, but we managed to get to the Pier just as the sun was start to set.

As we walked up the Pier, we soon realised there was birds swooping everywhere, in a murmuration!

Watching these birds swoop and twist in unison with that beautiful sunset behind was a truly amazing sight! It had all passerby’s stopping in the tracks to film it and take photos.

A wonderful way to start out trip, I was so happy I brought my camera along!

After watching the birds dance in the sky, we then walked around the arcade to warm up from the icy wind, and my sister tried out this creepy ‘Zoltar’ machine to see her future.

Before we knew it, it was getting late and very cold, so we headed back to the hotel to rest up for the next day!

The next day, it wasn’t actually so cold, the sun was out and looking bright which was very lucky!

We started at the Pier again, and then made our way to the shopping centre and ‘The Lanes’ which is a famous part of Brighton which is full of very narrow Lanes, with Small Shops and Alleyways.

It is also well known for having the famous ‘Choccy Woccy Doo Dah’ which we were lucky to stumble across.

It’s a wonderful place to look, I’d visited the one in London before but the Brighton one really has a different ‘feel’ to it.

It was hard not to take lots of photos of all the different cakes when they are so beautifully made!

I’m surrounded by chocolate!

After we had brought some chocolate (of course), we then walked around The Lanes other quirky shops!

The shops really do vary, there’s something different around every corner, and I’d love to go exploring again!

This bowl creeped me out, so I had to photograph it haha!

I would’ve loved to have these rat lights, if I had anywhere for them to go!

We also visited Lush, which is always a must for me!

It’s just always so full of colour, and obviously smells amazing just being there!!!

I think my personally favourite thing about Brighton, was all the graffiti! Every little nook of the city seems to have something special decorated on it!

It makes even the grey winter months in the UK feel a little bit brighter!

Sorry the next one is a bit naughty, but I found it hilarious.

After visiting the shops, we went back to the Seaside. We came across this skeletal remains of the old Pier that had set fire and was destroyed in 2003.

It has such a ghostly presence at the otherwise happy area, but I still found it a really beautiful sight.

We also managed to visit the Marina to see all the pretty little boats lined up. It is also surrounded by shops, a cinema and a variety of restaurants, so I imagine it would be a nice place to visit in the evening for a meal.

Before we knew it, it was starting to get dark, and just as we began to walk back we noticed these beautiful pink lights in the dark night!

It was the Royal Pavilion! We hadn’t even noticed it! We had a walk around the gardens, but I think if we had longer we would have took a look around the Gallery, but unfortunately when we had arrived it was already closed.

So we had one last look at the pier, and found our way home!

Sorry this was quite a lot oh photos, but I really love some of these and I thought here was a nice place to share some!

I hope you enjoyed viewing them anyway, I’m hoping I can visit Brighton again in the Summer!

I’ll be back with something new soon!

As always, Thanks for reading! – Ellie

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