Mini Too Faced Review

31st January 2018


So recently Debenhams had a sale on all of their high end make up, including one of my personal favourite brands, Too Faced. So when I saw the offer, I popped in after University one day to take a look at there stand.

It took me a while to decide, but after testing a few different things, I decided on some products and I thought I’d share with you!

The fist thing I decided to try out, is the very popular ‘Better Then Sex’ Mascara.

So, here is a fun fact, I never use Mascara, and I haven’t used it in about 2 years.

I feel like this an odd thing to say, because I really do enjoy using different make up, and trying different things with it, but mascara and me just never got on! The reason for this was I always found them irritating to my eyes, they’d either come out clumpy and look awful on or they’d dry up and have lots of fall out. It would honestly just make me constantly want to itch my eyes, and so obviously wasn’t worth it, so I gave up on it.

Before you say, “maybe it’s because you were just using cheap ones?”, that’s not in fact the case for me.

At the time I had used a few from highstreet shops, but I had also tried out some high end brands, such a MAC and Benefit… Both in which, for me, were pretty disappointing!

When I take the mascara out of the box, it arrives in this pretty pink tube. As you can see, the Too Faced logo and the words ‘Better Than Sex’ are written on the tube. It has a cute, yet elegant feel to it, it also feels quite heavier then other mascaras which makes it feel more expensive.

Here you can see the Hourglass-Shaped Brush, which is made separate lashes to get an even coat and curl.

My honest opinion? Well, I’ve started wearing Mascara again now! I’ve had no problems with it, I just do one little swipe, and my lashes look longer and fuller, and I don’t get any smudging or eye irritation! Feel’s like I’m not wearing anything, but I think it looks amazing on!

This is absolutely something I’d re-buy in the future.

An eyeliner was honestly not something I thought I’d be coming out with, but after seeing them all lined up in store, I took one of the testers and tried it on my hand.

I was really impressed by it! It seemed to dry very quickly, and I tried to smudge it with my finger straight away and it didn’t budge in the slightest!

Obviously, the packaging by Too Faced is always an instant win for me! Just the simple gold font on the side, and the heart shape on the lid is just oh so cute!

As you can see the eyeliner is one of the ‘felt tip’ ended ones. More recently, I’ve been using one from a Matte Eyeliner from NYX, which is a Liquid one with the pot and brush.

It was quite tricky to use this style of Eyeliner again after just getting myself used to the NYX one.

So yo will be able to see its not an amazing attempt, but I think I’ll get better after a few days! I love this eyeliner, I would just recommend that if you are not used to style of brush it can be a bit awkward since it dries so quickly which doesn’t give any time to change your mistakes.

It’s truly an amazing eyeliner! I’m not sure if I’d re-buy this because of the price tag and all, but its very impressive. You can actually rub your eyes without looking like a panda, plus after I tried it on my hand in the store, I noticed you can literally put it under running water and it still won’t budge.

It’s not too difficult to remove with an actual make up wipe though!

Since I brought my products in store, the lady also offered me some free samples, so of course I couldn’t say no!

I was quite excited to see one of them was this Too Faced Melted Matte Lipstick!

When these lipsticks were released on the website, I was going to order one to try out and review, but the only shade I was really interested (Conveniently called, Sell Out), had in fact Sold Out!

So when I got this as a sample, in the exact shade I wanted ages ago, I was very excited!

It is described online as a ‘Pinky Brown’ which is a lipstick colour I normally go for. As well as being of course, a Liquid Lipstick, it also is ‘Infused with a no-sting lip plumper and filler’.

Honestly, I love the colour! I went through a phase of only wearing pinky brown lipsticks, but ever since I dyed my hair, I’ve only been wearing bright pink lipsticks to match haha!

Although I think the colour is pretty and the lipstick goes on really smooth like a gloss, it does feel a little drying when its been on for a little while (but I guess so do most Liquid Lipsticks).

I’m not sure if I’ll go back to get the full tube of this, but I think I will continue to try out this little sample and see how it goes!

The other sample I received was another item I was going to buy, but never did. I’ve heard that the Hangover Primer is one of the best Primers out there, so I was interested to see what this ‘Spray’ Version would be like.

As you can see, the bottle for this one is pretty teeny, but I was still able to give it a good test!

My number 1 point for this, is to me, it really feels much better as a Setting Spray then it does a primer. As a primer, I just didn’t like it, but instead I used it for when I’d finished my make up to just help hold it all together.

Honestly, it smells wonderful and spraying this on feels so refreshing (especially first thing in the morning haha). It definitely helped my make up stay put!

I also think this probably works best for dry skin, my skin can be dry in some areas of my face and this really helped that!

Although this is one of the most expensive item you’ll see on this review, the bottle you get in store is pretty large and you really only need about two sprays for it to do its job… so I think it would last quite a long time if you do make the splurge!

So, that’s the end of this mini review! I hope you find it interesting!

I won’t be back till next week now as I’m going away for a short break, but I’ll be back with an Valentines OOTD and more soon!!!

As always, Thanks so much for reading! – Ellie

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