Betty Boop X Lazy Oaf

29th January 2018

Hello once again!

Lazy Oaf are well known now for doing collaborations with a variety of unique brands, more recent ones have been Hello Kitty and Disney, which are both collections I was mad about! So when they released that they were doing a Betty Boop Collection, I was beyond thrilled!

Betty Boop is truly an icon to me, and a character that is very close to my heart. When I was little, my older sister got really into the brand, and she even ended up with a few of these huge figures of her too. I remember thinking how cute they looked, like they had just jumped out of a cartoon!

After this, I remember seeing Betty EVERYWHERE. There was an explosion of Betty Boop Streetwear, I remember getting a poster for my room, and then my mum even got me bright red Betty Boop bedding and I just thought it was the coolest! (Wishing I still had it tbh…)

I always saw Betty Boop as someone who was not only cute, but also super cool and kind-hearted and I think that’s why a lot of people loved her too!

So of course, when I saw this collection was coming, I knew I needed a few bits and pieces. Funnily enough, my sister had given me a Lazy Oaf Voucher for Christmas, so I decided if there was any time to spend it, it was definitely now!

Honestly, it just feels nostalgic to me now and I’m really excited to try my chosen pieces out. I’m hoping you will enjoy seeing them too, and maybe even treat yourself while you’re at it!

To start off, I must mention that all of the clothing has these really cute Betty Boop head tags on, which is an adorable little touch that Lazy Oaf never seems to forget to add!

The first piece is the one I fell in love with first! This is the Belt Strap Top!

It’s quite a stiff like denim, but it also has a lot of shape to it with its Sweetheart Neckline and little Peplum bottom. For reference I’m a Size 8 so I got a Small, and it fits perfectly, not too big and not too tight.

Something I noticed about all the items I brought actually, is that the Betty Boop designs that feature in the middle are all embroidered, so all these pieces feel and look really high quality!

This top also features a hidden zipper on the back, but honestly the main thing about this top is those huge heart shaped buckles…. I just think they are perfect, cute but with an edge, just like Betty!

It’s pretty cropped, I personally think you could wear it a lot of ways, but for my look, I went for this sheer long sleeve top from Urban Outfitters and these AMAZING lace up Mom Jeans from ASOS, from the Brand ‘Only’.

I really love this top, it’s wonderful quality and definitely looks amazing on.

So, for the next item it’s quite the opposite to the last, it’s bright and honestly I couldn’t possibly have gotten something LESS fitted!

It’s this really crazy pink Bow Sweater!

I’ve said before, but I’m really drawn to pink and red at the minute, but I was very close to not ordering this at first… As much as I do love it, I do think the shape to it is a bit too much for me, so I’m in two minds about keeping it or sending it back at the moment!

Of course, they don’t call it a ‘Bow Sweater’ for nothing, the whole sleeve is covered in these beautiful crushed velvet bows… They are so soft and look so gorgeous!
But the sleeves are MAD! Honestly I was surprised just how long they are, but I think it’s looks so incredible and it’s really a stand out piece! I’m just not sure if I’m going to get a lot of wear out of it, day to day….

But I’m going to take 100 selfies in it until I decide hehe~

So for the last item, we are going back to black once again!

Eeeee, I love this one! There is something about stars and moons and MAGIC, that I’m constantly drawn to with clothing and this ‘Moon’ Oversized T-shirt was no exception.

To go with theme of Magic and such, I paired it with these wonderful glittery Star Earrings I got from Topshop Oxford Street before Christmas!

The top also has these adorable black bow tie ups on the sleeve. What I like about this T-Shirt is its super simple, but still edgey and cute just like the rest of this collection!

As you can see, like all Lazy Oaf T-Shirts its supeerrrrrrrr Over Sized. I think it looks cute like this, but personally I will tuck in to regular jeans or mom jeans just because it feels a bit more shapely that way.

So, I think that’s about it for this collection!

I should have a make up review post going later in the week, and then I’m off for on a little trip away, woohoo!

As always, thanks so much for reading, and let me know if you are getting anything from this collection! – Ellie

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