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Little Treats

22nd January 2018

Hi again, it’s your pal, back at it again!

I thought I’d do another little blog post today, since I have a few little treats I received very recently that I love, and I hope that you might too!

The first item you will see above, is an adorable T-Shirt from one of my favourite small brands, FrillyPopShop!

It’s this adorable illustration of two Kawaii girls just hanging out, with pretty pink features.

I love this T-Shirt, it feels great quality , lovely and soft, plus its on sale at the moment, so now is the time to grab one!

I’ve really been enjoying wearing printed T-Shirts recently with a chunky cardigan, I feel like the weather is so strange right now, one minute I’m warm the next it’s icy cold! So it’s nice to be wearing a few easy to change around layers!

I also got some of these cute glossy Vinyl Stickers, I think they are going to look adorable on my tablet case! 🙂 I feel like the ‘All Pink Everything’ is VERY relatable for me!

Another ‘Small Brand’ I fell in love with recently is Candy Flower UK. 

Right now, I have a lot of big and bold earrings, so I had been looking for some smaller ones that I could easily wear more day to day. When I saw these pop up on my instagram, I decided to take a little peep at her shop and I couldn’t help but buy two pairs!

I went for a pair of Small Pink Pom Pom’s and these pretty Moon Faces!

They were wrapped with a lot of care and love, and she even included some Love Heart Sweets which was incredibly cute!
As you can see they are quite small and simple, but they still look so cute! I just know I’ll get a lot of wear out of both of these!

I think its a wonderful place to shop if you want to try something different for earrings, but don’t want to get anything too crazy! She has many more styles available and I’m sure I’ll be going back soon!

There is a shop really close to my University that sell all kind of weird and nerdy things! I’d been wanting to pop in for ages, so after I’d had a stressful day, I decided I would see the range of Punky Pins that they sell!

It took my AGES to decide because there were SO many choices, but in the end I went for these three!
As you can see two of them are a bit cheeky, but I just found them so funny I couldn’t pass on them! This one has an adorable Cake with the words ‘Fuck Yes’ written across it.

This one says ‘Bad Bitch’ with a glorious pastel rainbow, because I think we all need to feel like a Bad Bitch sometimes right?

Last but not least was this wonderful happy glittery dolphin complete with a cute lil neckerchief… He just made me feel so much joy I had to get him too!

While I’m at it I will show you one more clothing item too!

Who would have thought I brought something from Lazy Oaf yet again??? Honestly I just can’t seem to stop with this brand, every piece I get from them is just the most wonderful quality and it really makes me feel like myself!

Lazy Oaf has a cute little ‘Valentines’ Collection, I actually purchased two Items but I’m hoping to use the other one in an outfit post nearer to Valentines day! (I hope)

For now, here is the Cherub Tee, and I can’t stress enough how much I love it. I’ve really been enjoying the combination of Pink and Red together, and the fact that this is a super soft velour fabric just makes me not want to ever take it off!

The last item is something that matches that Lazy Oaf Top extremely well, this bright pink purse from Skinny Dip London. You can find it here on ASOS.

Honestly Skinny Dip are the best at making weird and cute handbags, as I said before I love the mix of pink and red, and I think the added fluffiness on the edges of this purse looks quite mad but SO cute!
I think this would be a real eye catching piece if you used it on a night out, and obviously it’s another perfect item with Valentines in mind!

So, that wraps up a few of my recent favourites!

I feel like my blog posts are starting to get longer and longer the more I’m writing them, but I just seem to be finding so many wonderful new items and brands that I feel need to be brought some attention too! I hope you will see something you like!

I’ve also already pre-prepared a few other blog posts so expect another post later in the week if you’re interested!

I’m just finding blogging in a evening really relaxing right now and honestly it’s been helping my stress wonders! 🙂

Thank you so much for reading! – Ellie x




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