Lime Crime Plushies Review

21st January 2018

Hey! It’s my day off today and it’s snowing pretty heavy outside, so I thought I’d take the chance to do a little review of some recent Make Up that arrived at my doorstep!

That’s right, its yet another Lime Crime Product… Introducing the new Liquid Lipsticks, ‘Plushies’!

When I saw these drop online, I fell in love with the packaging, which I quite often do with Lime Crime’s products! They just know exactly how to make something look too cute to resist!

These Lipsticks are described as a ‘Soft Focus Lip Veil’ which I found quite interesting.

On the description, they are supposedly ‘The new generation of nude lips. Non-opaque, soft focus formula enhances natural lip color while making your lips look as plush as a teddy bear!’

Hence the name Plushie!

They are also supposed to also be comfortable, long lasting and extremely buildable…

So without further a do, lets try it out together!

As I said earlier, Lime Crime Products always come in the MOST adorable packaging. This beautiful sky blue unicorn mailer box, matched with this pretty pastel pink tissue paper.

Inside you can see I ordered 3 of the shades, this was mostly because there was an offer (I think it was but 3, get $10 off or something along those lines!) so I thought I’d go for 3!

The lipsticks arrived in adorable these tinted pink plastic cases, after removing them below you can see what the tubes look like! They are honestly the cutest lipsticks I’ve ever seen!!! The word’s ‘Lime Crime’ and ‘Plushies’ in this wonderful white handwritten font.

The lids are in an adorable Pastel Pink, with this cute outline of a Teddy Bear too! So cute!

The Shades I purchased are, Turkish Delight, Lavender Honey and Milk Tea.

When I opened up the tube, I notice that they are all scented! The scent is ‘Blackberry Candy’, and honestly is not a scent I fell in love with unfortunately!

Obviously though, this doesn’t put me off too much, as I don’t buy lipsticks just to smell after all haha! It’s just a nice extra if it smells good though…

So without further a do, lets take a look at how they swatch!

The first shade you will see is Turkish Delight, which is described as a ‘Sheer Dusty Rose’. I will say now that all of these shades seem to come out quite streaky, and they feel really bizarre to use when you first apply them.

The lipsticks are thin, and this is because you can either apply a little and have a soft look, or apply more layers for a more bold colour.

I have only used about two layers of the lipstick to get this soft pink shade.

I really love this shade, I think this will be one I will wear more often in day to day!

The next shade is Lavender Honey. This shade is described as a ‘Sheer Nude-Lavender’, as you can see on myself its quite a bright pink! It’s brighter then some other lipsticks I use often, but I think it’s a really lovely shade. I imagine I’ll use this more when I go out, rather then day to day though but I guess that depends on who you are.

The next shade is Milk Tea, which is described ‘Sheer Mauve’. As you can see its quite dark on me, much darker then I thought it would be to be honest. I also found this to be quite streaky, and it was a little trickier to get the lips to look nice and even.

I’m still questioning whether I like it or not! I think it will make a wonderful darker lipstick for the Autumn and Winter seasons though.

Although some of the shades are a little tricky to apply, once you get the hang of it they are really lovely! They dry quite quickly and once they are dry, they are completely matte and kiss proof!

Now here are the shades compared to one another! As you can see, they are pretty different from each other and I’m glad I got some variety without getting anything too out of my comfort zone…

Overall, I really enjoyed receiving these and I think they are shades I will be reaching for often, especially Turkish Delight! They also feel lovely to wear and make your lips feel super soft and smooth.

And of course Lime Crime is Vegan and Cruelty Free, which I always believe is a wonderful thing!

So that wraps up this little review, Thank you for reading! – Ellie

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