My Go – To Jackets

15th January 2018

I feel like I’ve grown a very small, but none the less, a Jacket Collection so I thought I would show you what my ‘go-to’ Jackets are to help this cold winter to not feel so gloomy!

I feel like Jackets and Coats can be pretty boring, and wearing the same Navy Coat everyday can feel a bit bland. I feel like all my Jackets are quite different from each other, depending on where I am going and how I am feeling that day!

So I’ll start with the one in in the above image I suppose, which in all honesty is probably my favourite I’ve purchased so far!

It’s this one from the Esther Loves Oaf Collaboration!

I love everything about this one, the lilac colour, the embroidery and the fluffiness just makes me feel like a wonderful Marshmallow.

Those lil Esther Bunnies just eating popcorn and chillin’. It just makes me feel so happy whenever I have it on!

While I’m at it, I might as well show my other Lazy Oaf Jacket that I brought early last year.

It’s this Pastel Blue and Pink Rain Jacket! I’ve never really had a Rain Jacket before, but now I couldn’t do without one! If you’re from the UK, you’ll know that it just seems to constantly rain, even when its the middle of Summer, so having something light that won’t be a bother to carry around is really handy!

It has these adorable frilly heart pockets, which really caught my eye when I saw it for sale online!

It also has Pastel Pink lining on the inside, and this funny tag on the top which I really love!

For the next one, it’s a little less ‘FUNKY’ (DW there’s more funkiness round the corner…).

This next Jacket is one I’ve been using for work, which is this long Black Coat from Topshop!

I pair it with this Lazy Oaf Scarf to make it less boring sometimes haha.

It’s really soft and I think it looks really professional on, although I had to size up for this so I could wear a jumper underneath otherwise its just a little too tight.

I think this fluffy Peter Pan Style Collar gives the Jacket a bit more of a ‘Luxury’ feeling, I really think having a Black Coat is such an wardrobe essential because it will literally go with everything and anything!

It’s also around Knee Length on me, (I’m around 5.6) but I love the length, something about it makes me feel more mature (It’s funny how clothes can make you feel things sometimes isn’t it?).

My next Jacket is another one from Topshop. I remember when these first came out, and they sold so quick that people on Depop started hunting for them!

It seems with Topshop’s Jackets I always need to size up, so I had to do it again with this one!

The whole reason behind me getting this Denim Jacket was to put some pins on, and I think they add a bit of spark to it! The inside of this Jacket is lined with this really soft white faux fur, which is amazing for winter, so comfy to wear!

Would you believe I have more then one pink jacket?? I brought this one really recently in the ASOS Sale (I believe it was £75 down to £40?) so I grabbed it! I just think the collar is so different and funky!

I always think of my sister when I see leopard print (she loves it!).

It only has one popper button, so it’s quite simple to wear!

The last Jacket is a bit a cheeky I guess! This I actually got from Disturbia on a Black Friday Sale, completely on a whim. It’s not something I’d wear usually, but I just LOVE the mix of cute and dark things so this just called to me. That Kitty is so cute and badass, I love it!

The front of the Denim Jacket is more plain, but it has a few of these rips and holes in which keep it interesting.

I really love this, it’s so unique and weird, I really didn’t want to miss out on it when it was being sold for so cheap!

SO, that’s my little collection! Maybe it is quite large after all, but I like to have the choice and I think it really helps winter to not feel so gloomy and boring!

Thank you for reading! – Ellie


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