Yetis And Friends Unboxing!

11th January 2018

Today I’m bringing you something slightly different then normal post, its an Art Toy UnBoxing!

If you know me, you’ll know last year I began a weird new obsession! This new obsession was for collecting Art Toys!

I’m not sure what it is about them, but having something cute that I know an artist I admire has sat and made is just a wonderful feeling, and a real treasure to keep forever!

I’ve had my eye on the Etsy Shop Yetis And Friends for a few years now, but hadn’t attempted to buy one yet, just admired from afar.

I saw this image pop up on my Instragram before Christmas, and honestly, for the one in the center, it was love at first sight!


Unfortunately the restock was happening at 3am UK time, and with an early long shift at work the next day, I decided it was probably a bad idea.

Even when I went sleep, I kept thinking about how much I wanted it in my little collection!

The next day I checked through Instagram, and low and behold the restock has been postponed because the site had crashed! Unlucky for them, but lucky for me!

Unfortunately it was going to be relisted the next day at 3am once again. So I dropped a comment this time saying how it was so late for me to stay up in the UK, and would you believe they direct messaged me saying that if I really wanted it that badly, I could get it!

It was so nice that they did this, as when some artists restock products like this, its a bit of an internet fight to get one and normally things get sold out in seconds. So I was so happy to receive a little bit of special treatment!!


Unfortunately since it was from the USA, I did hit a customs charge, but once I opened this box I couldn’t help my excitement!

It was wrapped extremely well with all of this fluffy and soft padding, and bubble wrap was tied neatly on the delicate parts like the hooves and horns.


It also arrived with this little business card and what looks to be some sort of certificate haha! As you can see he (or she?) is called Bubble Duchess.. But I’ll just be referring to him as Bubs!


So here he is in ALL his glory!

He is such a joy to look at it, and super soft to the touch. It feels so well made too, some Art Toy’s feel so fragile that it can be a little worrying, but Bubs feels strong and looks super well made!


I find the face so CUTE. The eyes are glass, coloured with lilac glitter, and the face has glitter touched on to the features too. One of things that drew me in about this doll was that little fat tongue, which just made it so adorable and funny!


The doll also has a pretty pastel pink bow wrapped around its neck with a silver bell, which is a wonderful touch and really brings this piece together.


The hooves to me look exactly like pearls, beautifully bright white and shiny.


The horns to me feel like some sort of resin, it was quite hard to photograph but they are this clear plastic material with glitter inside of it, so they really do shine in the light.


The figure also has a cute little poofy tail!


And here he is joining my little collection! As you can see he is a lot larger then the others, but I still think he suits my little strange gang well! The other dolls are from LapkaArts and LilliputStep (you can see better photos of my other dolls on my instagram @queenjellybeany).


So as you can probably tell, I’m extremely happy with my new lil frand. I’m not sure if I’ll be getting anymore Art Toy’s soon, but if I do I’ll absolutely do another UnBoxing! It’s really something I have been enjoying collecting!

Thank you so much for reading! – Ellie

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