Red And Pink

5th January 2018


I’ve taken SO many photo’s for this blog since I’ve been away from University and it’s been pretty great! I have lot’s of fun things to show you, but for now, I thought I could kick back and show two little outfits I put together from places I’ve brought from recently.

I feel like the outfits are super similar, but the colour scheme is so different that I hope everyone will like either one or the other!


The first is this beautiful fresh and pink look. I’m not sure about anyone else, but I’ve been seeing these large circle zippers EVERYWHERE at the moment, and I think its quite edgy and cool! This pinafore is in a beautiful blush pink, embroidered with little peachy flowers. As soon as I saw this in store, I brought it. I really like the mix between that large metal zip and the pretty little flowers.


I’m not going to lie, I’ve had this turtle neck jumper from ASOS forever but I feel they fit together so well that I had to include it. I love the frilly trim on this jumper, it definitely adds a cute touch. I’m normally not someone for white because I feel like because my skin is so pale that it can wash me out sometimes. I seem to finding myself more drawn to it recently though.


The last item for this look is this pretty beret I found in Topshop Oxford Street. Honestly, I’m mad about berets, I just think they look so stylish without much effort, plus I’ve found they literally look good on everyone!

I was quite anxious to go Oxford Street as we visited exactly one week before Christmas and it was a very last minute decision. It was so fun though, the lights were beautiful and they even had some machines on the roofs of the shops that poured out fake snow which was amazing to see!


Who would have thought for my next look I’d do some Lazy Oaf!

You probably know, if you’ve met me or follow me on Instagram at all, that Lazy Oaf completely took over my wardrobe last year, and now I think its fair to say  I’m a ‘collector’ of it. I always get asked how I afford it, and really I don’t, I’ve just been extremely lucky on websites like Depop and Ebay.

(If you are interest in buying Lazy Oaf, you should check out the Facebook Group ‘Lazy Oaf Sales’. I would say I’m on there often now and if I see something cheap I always share it on there so people can grab it before it sells!)

18-01-04-19-33-19-809_decoThis Cami Dress cost me around £20 on depop which was a bargain, as its completely brand new with the tags. I really love the dog face in the little flower I just think its so funny and weird. The lace detail is also very pretty and I think matched with this Cherry Red Jumper from Miss Patina, I find this looks quite unique but still cute.


The beret is also from yes you guessed it, Lazy Oaf. These sold out really quick, but when I saw it pop up on Asos I decided to go for it! This beret is one of the softest things ever with its black faux fur, I couldn’t stop touching it when it first arrived! It also ties a little ribbon to the back that you can tie into a bow which is a lovely touch. Around the Beret is the quote ‘NEVER ON TIME’ in white lettering, which I think a lot of us will relate to.


Something else I brought you might laugh at, but as my dress says, I don’t care. I saw this Lazy Oaf Bear Backpack in the Lazy Oaf Store went I went with my best friend. It was a moment I truly felt love at first sight, but the price tag was wayyy out of my league, I left Mr. Bear all alone in that store.

It was truly heatbreaking.


BUT, when I got home, I checked in on Instagram and they had JUST put items on sale. Like the minute I walked home, and guess what was half price? You guessed it. Mr. Bear.

I felt so lucky!


It’s face is what drew me in originally, that little sideways tongue just spoke ‘cool’ to me. The bear its self is made out of the same Faux Fur as the beret, so its super soft to the touch.


The back can obviously be unzipped so you can pack all your stuff in. The lining is bright pink with black letters  printed on, and the little zipper is this plastic black cartoon glove, another cute touch!


So that’s all I have to say on this post! Hope you liked everything, please do let me know which outfit you preferred! – Ellie


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