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Christmas Things And 2018

5th January 2018


I thought for this post I could share a few of my favourite gifts, alongside a year sum up!
To be honest, I feel like 2017 just came and went! Over all it was one of my best years. I started University, my Etsy Shop did better then ever, I blogged more and over all I’ve not been in too bad a place. I even dyed my hair pink, which I’d been wanting to do for 2 years but was too afraid too until now!

The year previous of 2017 had actually been quite dull, but I feel like, although this year had some ups and downs too, like I had just opened up the curtains and everything wasn’t, and didn’t have to be, so bland anymore.

One thing that happened in 2017, is I somehow became obsessed with plants. and now they cover my whole window sill in my room. I like the idea of looking after something that’s just mine and watching it grow. I had a cactus first and I completely forgot to water it and it died (RIP). Then I tried again, my grandma told me to make Sunday my ‘water the plants’ day, so now I never forget. I made a Terrarium with my Dad this year, I also now have some Succulents and other cactus now that are doing really well. Connor brought me these plant pots with pretty flowers in them. Hopefully these will survive too!


Above are some amazing Unicorn slippers I got from my Sister. They inspired my Etsy Shop name change, I went from Jellybean Kingdom to Unlucky Unicorn in a morning and it was a big thing for me! One of my ‘things’ for this year is to believe in myself a little more. I know that’s easier said then done, but I’m very much a person who sees the Worst Case Scenario in everything. I guess you can even see that in a good way, it means I’m always mentally prepared for the worst possible case. It also means I can constantly avoid things that I’m actually interested in doing…

I feel like I changed this in 2017, but I’d like to push it more in 2018 and not let great opportunity’s go a miss.


A mermaid blanket is something I’ve secretly been wanting for a while, and I finally got one! It super warm and it’s pink my favourite colour! Another thing for 2018 is allowing myself to relax. I LOVE creating things, but sometimes I get so wrapped up in it that my brain is scattered and my rooms a mess and all I can think about is getting this ‘thing’ made right now. Sometimes I try to rush things and set goals that are too high for where I am now which means I get very stressed. This year I’d like to make time for myself to settle down, watch a film or have a bath and not make myself feel like I’m wasting time if I’m not working on something.


I got this other Plant Pot too from my sister! It apparently will grow strawberries, and it waters itself with its tongue and a little bowl of water I keep full and fresh. I like this because its a little weird, and one thing I’ve learnt about myself in 2017 is that I am a little weird too. I like to wear bold and bright rainbow colours, I like to have handbags in weird shapes and I’ve been collecting really weird Art Toys because I think they are pretty neat!

Someone told me I dressed a little weird, but a stranger came up to me on the same day and told me they liked it… In a sense, I think everyone’s a little weird in their own way.

I think I’m rather happy being weird now.


In 2018 I hope to do a lot more with my blog too. It took me ages to start because I feel like everyone and their mum seems to have a blog and I kind of felt silly doing it too. When I finally started one, I felt obsessed with it, it’s my own piece of the Internet that just mine and that feels pretty cool! I feel like I got quite a lot of feedback in this past year, and it was quite wonderful to see people liking the photos I was taking! I’d like to do a lot more with it this year, so I got the Canon EOS M100 with my Christmas Money and its a dream to work with! It’s 24.2 MP and the screen also flips up so its great for taking selfies too! I brought mine with a small lens and a long lens too.


I’m not very good at painting my nails but I had a good go this year! As I said in a previous post I’ve been loving Pearl Planets Nail Decals on Etsy. I decided to use her Lucky Cats for New Years Eve, I think they look so cute!

I feel like I’ve ended up with lots of ‘Cat’ Themed things in my life this year, which is odd considering I’m a dog person… I’m also a pig person though! (aren’t piglets just the cutest things EVER?)

A few years back I became a Vegetarian and it’s been surprisingly easy so far. No, I am not on the road to becoming a Vegan, but for 2018 I would absolutely like to try a few different Vegan dishes and see what it’s like!


Connor also brought me the Vanillary Perfume from Lush and it smells SO delicious. As well as this he brought me the ring pictured above from Regal Rose. It arrived in a pretty black rose shaped box.


Like anyone, I love getting pretty Jewellery, but I don’t find I wear them as much as I should. I always get worried I’ll damage it or lose it. Connor brought me a beautiful charm bracelet when we first got together, and I actually had a nightmare about losing it, so now I hardly wear it!

My overall theme for 2018, will be to worry less and try to enjoy moments more.

So, I understand this post was a little more lengthy then normal, its pretty different to how I normally write so I’m hoping you found it okay!


I will have more outfit posts coming soon so that should be more relaxed!

Thanks for reading – Ellie







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  1. Love reading your blog Ellie ❤️❤️❤️ And I love that ur weird!!!! It’s def a cool weird!!! I’m too boring trying to be normal cos I don’t want to stand out 🙄 But I feel I’m too old to be weird in a cool way anyway lol!!! Ha ha I always used to ask dad for a pet pig!!! Saying it could live at the bottom of the garden…u might be able to get round him 🐷🐷🐷 x

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