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Little Things

21st December 2017

Hey! Can you believe its almost Christmas now? Honestly, there isn’t a huge reason for this post, I just felt writing so here I am! I feel like I’ve collected some unique and cute things over the past month or two, so I thought for fun I’d share with you all! Who knows, maybe you’d see something you’d like to own too!

The first item I will show is something that literally arrived today,  but I love it so much I have to share straight away!


It’s this beautiful and soft jumper from ChazzyB.Design I saw a friend get this in a sunshine yellow colour, but as soon as I saw the Pastel Pink I had to own one! If you watch my Instagram stories you would have seen it came packed in cute holographic pink wrapping with little cards and stickers. Obviously this item was made with a lot of love and care, I think that makes it even more special!

(I am also wearing some cat earmuffs I purchased from ASOS a few months back)


Next is some make up I tried… Yes yes, I only really brought it because I fell in love with the packaging of it! But look, its like adorable little Polly Pocket! Its an Eyeshadow Pallete by the brand ‘Lime Crime’ and it comes in three different box styles and colours.


Here are the colours inside! I’m always wearing a nice glittery pink eyeshadow, and I thought these were seriously pretty and seriously glittery! I’m also really feeling blue eyeshadow… I think its time we brought that back?


Here they are swatched on the skin! They are quite light in colour but you can definitely build it up for stronger shades!


For my next item (or items!) I HAVE to talk about FrillyPopShop. I remember being a poor college student and seeing the above pair of strawberries and being OBSESSED. A few years later, they appeared on my Etsy Recommended so of course I snatched them up…


Since that pair I became OBSESSED. Above are some custom made earrings she made me of two adorable frogs! (If you’re reading this Stephanie I have another custom idea for next year heh heh…)

Me more recently with my new pink hair 😉

And more recently, these puffy pink hearts! I just think they are so wonderful and quirky, and really make any outfit look adorable!


Yet another Etsy girl, this hilarious and adorable Tye Dye Shirt is from Veronica Fever! I’m not going to lie, I have actually already owned this T-Shirt around 4 years ago. I honestly wore it like mad, so much so it eventually saw its last day and died (RIP T.SHIRT). I really missed it, and when I saw it pop back up, I knew in my mind I was ready to open my heart to a replacement. I honestly love it, and Veronica packs her items so well with funny adorable stickers and sweets. Another lovely seller!

Another favourite is this AMAZING pair of boots sent from Heaven! These were from ASOS, and seriously as soon as I saw them on the ‘New In’ Page they went straight into my basket..


Honestly the mix of the harsh dark faux leather with the buckles, and this beauitful cherry blossom print of the platforms just work together so well! Possibly the coolest shoes I’ve ever owned!
17-12-21-18-26-27-446_decoSomething I don’t often look into is Nail Decals, or any nail products for the fact (expect the occasionally Barry M from Boots hehe). When I saw these adorable Nail Decals on Instagram, I had to snap them up!
IMG_20171220_133707_403The first ones I tried out were the little Candy Lambs as seen above. For someone with absolutely no experience with Nail Art, these are super easy to apply and I honestly think they look adorable on! (They do come with instructions so no worries if you are the same as me and don’t have a clue haha!)

It’s been about a week till I tried these out and they still look the same! You can grab these designs and many others at Pearl Planet!


For my last item, it is of course my big order from one of my all time favourites Sugarbones! If you know me you know I absolutely LOVE Enamel Pins!

17-12-21-17-38-25-079_deco And how could I resist these? Just look at the Kawaii Shreak!!! I just think her designs are wonderful and truly something you won’t get anywhere else!


She always packs her orders with so much love and care, as you can see above are some of the stickers I received as an extra, which is so sweet!

Well, that’s everything I wanted to share for today! I hope you see something you like. As you can probably tell a lot of my recent buys are from Small Shops. Honestly, I believe Shopping Small is a wonderful thing you can do, giving your money to a creative soul is so much more then putting it into an already Billion Pound worth company. It’s wonderful to see little brands grow over the years, so if you can, please check out anything you feel interested in!

Thank you so much for reading and have a wonderful Christmas! – Ellie



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