Back to School!

5th October 2017

I’m at University!

Who said stationary had to be boring?

Hello again! So, I made a big decision earlier in this year, that I wanted to take my love for Clothing and Sewing to the next level and enroll in a Fashion Design Course at a University.

Somehow (still not sure how actually…) I was one of the chosen few to get in!

I had been so worried about it (and excited of course!) for months! To be real, I am a little older then most students at 21 (normally you are 18, so technically I am a mature student eep!) and I struggle with Anxiety, so changing everything in my life has been quite hard but also very fulfilling so far!

Anyway, I thought I would show some of the adorable new bits and bobs I collected for my course (I’ve excluded the sewing stuff and just kept with the stationary because I think that’s more interesting!).

2017-10-04 (2)

I’m starting with my favourite thing! This ADORABLE Pink Mini Fjallraven Kanken from ASOS! My sister brought me this for my birthday and its the perfect size to fit two pencils cases, a lunch box, a bottled drink and a notebook, yet it still doesn’t feel too big and chunky. I’ve had lots of compliments for it already, I also recently added a large strawberry pom pom keychain for added cuteness!


Next up, a pencil case that was a little expensive but is SO cute and made me so happy to see that I had to get it. I absolutely adore 101 Dalmations, and this collection by Cath Kidston is just wonderful.. This pencil case is covered in beautiful roses and a few of the Dalmations are placed at the top and at the bottom. I also ended up buying the Dalmations Mug too, which I didn’t really need but it was just too sweet to leave.


Next up, that’s right more colour! No one wants a boring black sketchbook and folder, so I opted for an A3 Pink Pig Lilac one from Amazon, and a Pink A3 folder from Ryman. Much more exciting to look at I think!


Next up, for some reason I went MAD with Washi Tapes. I think they are really interesting touch for a sketchbook just to make it a little more colourful and fun. Firstly, I brought this pretty rainbow set from Amazon.


I also picked up a few more tapes from Etsy Shop The Archive Stationary. I brought some really pretty watercolour style sky prints, a leaf print and a funky tape measure one (which works well for a Fashion Design sketchbook!).


I also picked up this cat face one, but this is more for packaging my orders for my own Etsy Shop Jellybean Kingdom. Adorable, and all these tapes stick and stay well so great quality too!


Somehow I ended up buying two different sharpeners…? I’m not sure why! I brought the Purple Poop from Tofu Cute’s stall at MCM Comic Con. The Panda one is actually from Tesco, where they do a few different animals!


For my birthday I was also gifted this wonderful sparkly Hardback Notebook from Paperchase! It is covered in glittery rainbows, unicorns, deers and alpacas! Its truly amazing!


It’s for Five Subjects, and each subject is separated with a cute picture and every other page has this magical bunny with wings.


I also got something more obvious, pens! That funky galaxy pen is from The Archive Stationary and the pack of Zebra pens are from Poundland (a bargain!).


Alongside the magic notebook, I also was gifted this adorable Unicorn Stationary Set again from Paperchase. It comes with everything from a Mini Lilac Stapler to a some Pretty Blue Sticky-notes.


Okay okay, maybe this isn’t stationary now, but I brought this pair of headphones by SkinnyDip London with University in mind! I am not moving you see, and have decided I will commute there and back. I am only on the train for about 15 minutes, but I decided a better pair of headphones to wear while I’m travelling might be a good idea!

SO, how cute are these wire ones? The sound quality is perfect, they feel so comfy on the head AND how cute are the little wire cat ears?


SO, I guess that’s everything now! I also brought a new tablet for blog writing and drawing, but maybe I will go into that another time… 😉

Hope you are having a wonderful week, and hopefully I will have something new to post soon!!!
Lotsa love, Ellie 🙂

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