Pink and Black OOTD

22nd May 2017


So, I got a new pair of shoes so I put a little outfit together today! It sounds a little random, but I feel like I am finally, after many years, settling into a style of clothes that make me feel like me!


This outfit is SO simple but I think its cute.. I guess its all focused around my new shoes from Puma!

I saw these trainers on instagram once or twice, and when I saw them I thought they were the prettiest shoes on the planet.

In all honesty, I am always very interested and excited by fashion but shoes.. They fail to excite me as much! I tend to stick to black shoes that go with everything, and spend more of money on tops and dresses etc.

But these shoes… WOW!

I put off buying them for a few months since they are a little pricey, but when I saw them going low in stock on office I lost it completely and ordered them straight away! Luckily I used my partners discount to get 10% off and got free next day delivery, so its not all bad right..?

They come with plain laces too, but obviously the main thing that draws me to these shoes is there amazing ribbon laces. I hadn’t seen anything like it before!


They are of course very cushioned and comfy too! And I think the candy pink colour is just wonderful! They are absolutely perfect!

For the rest of this outfit I used a wire head ribbon from Ebay, Black jeans from ASOS and a Basic Pink T-shirt from Lazy Oaf. I also added this beautiful black heart shaped tote bag with white embroidered lettering which says ‘No Feelings’. Its orginally from Lazy Oaf but I actually got mine secondhand from Depop (so it was a lot cheaper haha).


Thanks for reading, sorry it was kind of a short/random post!

Have a great week – Ellie



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