Lazy Oaf Haul!

24th January 2017

Hey! It’s been a while right?


So, a lot has been going on for me recently, this blog has definitely took the back seat in the bus that is life. I am hoping to get back into it starting from today, but not as often as I once was. I will be dropping monthly favourites, and I will just be posting whenever I have something new and exciting to show you (so lets see how I do!).

I have a note of many things I want to talk about on here, a few new make up brands, and a few new clothing brands. Today, I figured I would start with the latter as its basically become an addiction of mine!

And that addiction is the brand Lazy Oaf!

It all started when I purchased that pretty Pink Heart Skirt on one of my earlier blog posts. It was probably the most perfect piece of clothing I’d ever laid eyes on, but with that, my obsession began..

At Lazy Oaf, the items are all in very limited qualities, so you have to be quite speedy in order to grab something you want because before you know it, they are all sold out. However I got quite lucky with the things I am going to show you. A few are from Lazy Oaf themselves, and a few are second hand from Depop. So if there are any Lazy Oaf items you are on the hunt for, Depop is the perfect place to ask!

Lazy Oaf, is also more of a pricey brand, and these are things I’ve gathered together from way before Christmas, but I found the price was worth it. All of these items are so soft and comfy, and just by looking at the next items you will see that they are something you just can’t get anywhere else!

With that, lets get started on the items. First I’ll start with the one I am wearing in the top photo, this beautiful pastel jumper.


I think it looks so dreamy and its such a soft knit, honestly, I wish I could live in it! As you can see it is lilac on the front, pink and blue on each arm and a pretty mint green on the back. I brought this from a very nice seller on Depop, its perfect condition so I’m very happy with it.


The next item is one thats a bit more recent of a purchase, and thats one of the items from the Disney X Lazy Oaf collection. I managed to get the VERY last one of these on ASOS on Christmas Eve, I was over the moon about getting it as I wanted it so badly.SAM_5884-1

As you can see its quite oversized like the other jumper and I think it looks so cute with those Dalmation Puppers! I also brought the matching socks because I have no control! 😀

Next up is this amazing knitted top. This is the softest item of all and feels very fluffy to touch, plus you have got to love the cats disapproving look. This was one of the last ones from Lazy Oaf before they sold out, its also a Size Medium as they sold out of Small, but I think I can get away with it being a little bit baggy!

SAM_5854-1 (1)

Next, another sweater! This one is hilarous to me as I know if there is a club for this, I would be in it. Although I’m sure everyone would be too shy to attend if there was one anyway..SAM_5890-1

It’s feels like a T-shirt and very light when you wear it, but as you can see it is massively oversized, so much so I haven’t worn it out yet! I’m thinking of adjusting it to make it smaller but I’m still not sure!

SAM_5885-1I don’t know about it, I’d love to hear an opinion on it!

So, here is the last item, a knitted cardigan! I got these for a very good price, as it was another second hand item on Depop. This was one of the first Lazy Oaf items I ever saw in summer last year, but it sold so quickly I didn’t get a look in. I was so happy when I finally found it on Depop and in brand new condition!


It is a cropped knit cardigan in pink, with these beautiful white flower shaped poppers. Its so adorable and comfy, and I think its going to be perfect for spring.

So, this concludes my haul! I am so happy with all of these items, and can’t wait to give Lazy Oaf more of my money, because they just keep seem to coming out with new and exciting collections!

Thank you so much for reading! – Ellie



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