Sugarpill’s Trinket Review

13th October 2016

You know that feeling you get where you’re so hungry and you can see the waiter at the restaurant finally bringing you your food? Yes? Well this is exactly how I felt about finally getting my hands on ‘Trinket’, Sugarpills beautiful shade of liquid lipstick that was once a Limited Edition product, is now, FINALLY, here to stay.


This shade came out a while back now, but in numbers that were so limited it was gone within a minute. It featured artist (and all around cutie) Bei Bad Girl. As much as I wanted that version, I was nowhere quick enough to grab it first time around, but I am so happy I actually got the shade! Even if I am missing my beautiful mermaid..

Enough about mermaids now though, on to reviewing this lipstick!

So, first off the packaging is amazing!  Almost like my earlier Lime Crime review we’ve got this adorable box with pink and white print on the inside of the lid and bright blue tissue paper to keep the lipstick safe on its travels. There is no way I am throwing this away, it’s far too cute!


The lipstick itself is in this small cardboard box, with this funky pink dripping effect. Taking the bottle out, the lid of the box says “Hi Cutie!”, welcoming me to my latest make up buy!


The bottle itself has a white lid and clear container showing of this beautiful shade. It also shows Sugar Pills logo with a matching dripping effect.


It had this curved applicator, which is the perfect shape to match the curve of your lips which helps for a smooth and even applcation. I’ve not tried this type of brush before, but I must say I really like it!


So what’s the next thing we do when we get a new Make- Up product? The same as any other normal person, we give it a good old sniff!

Honestly, this is the first scent of a product that I didn’t like! To me, it smells exactly like Terry’s Chocolate Orange, which I know a lot of people I love, but I really dislike. Personally, I find orangey smells are just too sweet for me and this scent is very overpowering! So I’m a little bit disappointed in that, Sugar Pill definitely needs to turn it down a little on the scents.

Though, Lipsticks aren’t about smell so, much more importantly let’s give it a swatch and see what the colour is like!


So as you can see the right swatch is the colour as it is, a beautiful mauve shade, but the left swatch is where you can see it getting a little more magical… When leaving to dry and giving a very gentle rub, beautiful golden sparkles begin to shimmer. All I can say is WOW!

So, on to applying where lipstick should be worn, which is on the lips! I worried about the application of this, I assumed because of these glittery sparkles I would be in for gritty and maybe dry lips..


How wrong I was! The application is incredibly smooth, and one swipe of the brush and you’ve got full coverage on your lips. Then, all you have to do is let the lipstick dry and rub your lips together, and beautiful golden sparkles will start to form.


I can actually say this is nicest, softest and least drying liquid lipstick I have ever tried, which I wasn’t expecting with those glittery sparkles.

So, overall, this is an incredibly beautiful shade and really is something different that you cannot find anywhere else on the market right now. I couldn’t help but add to my Make Up Collection, its simple but also incredibly unique.


Thanks so much for reading and look out of Trinket appearing back to Sugarpill online soon! – Ellie


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