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September Favourites

28th September 2016

Another month has certainly flew by, and now were starting to see the seasons change again from hot to cold. Summer is always a fun season, but I’m so ready to bring out the hot chocolate and cable knit jumpers now that were getting back into Autumn!

 To be totally honest, sometimes I feel like a lot will happen in a month and I could talk forever about it and other times I feel like I can’t even think of one thing that was interesting? September was one of those months for me, its felt like more of a week then a month to me.

Luckily I’ve got to get together a  few things I really love, so let’s get straight on to the first thing! This is actually something I’ve used for a while but never actually shown and its these beautiful rainbow Lottie Make up brushes.


I had fallen upon ‘Lottie’ in my local Super Drug, I was mostly drawn to it because the rainbow colours and cute packaging. I had been looking searching for a collection of brushes to replace my old ones that I think I had been using since the dawn of time. Honestly, I didn’t know what brush I needed the most and they were not the cheapest so I didn’t buy them straight away. A week or so later, I saw the ‘Best of Brushes’ Collection in sale at Asos so I brought them straight away!

These brushes not only look so very cute, but they are also so soft to the touch, which is one of the main things you need in a nice make up brush!

On to next thing, since its Autumn I got these cute new wool hats this month! Yes, you guessed right those are Berets.


I am seeing these constantly on fellow bloggers, and I really think this is going to be a big accessory of Autumn. In my opinion, they are so stylish and also extremely cute. I settled for a classic black and a beige one, but I’ve also seen some really bright ones, like pink and purple ones too.

Both of these are from Asos, as usual.

Next the most beautiful thing I have ever smelt. Seriously!


We recently nipped into Tesco (I know I go to the coolest places, don’t be jealous!) and I came across this on a random aisle. I think the packaging is pretty cute, but as soon as I breathed in that Marshmallow scent.. I brought it straight away. They have lots of different scents; Marshmallow is so nice but the Honey one smells amazing too so I had to get it too. I had to hold my selfback from buying all of them to be honest..

Anyway, stepping away from my weird scent obsession, this month I have been sewing. A lot. You might remember from one of my older blog posts where I had just started learning to sew and was making little stuffed animals. Well now, I’m trying my best at sewing clothes! And to take my first steps on learning and I decided I wanted to get a book of some sort to help me to learn.

Then I found out, a lot of sewing books are sort of.. boring and bland and wasn’t really making me WANT to sew. It was just making sewing seeming even more complicated then I was already finding it.

That was until I found ‘Tilly and The Buttons‘ online. As soon as I fell upon her rainbow of a blog, I was instantly wanting to sew now more than ever!


So I brought her book, ‘Love at First Stitch’, which not only includes patterns for making your own Pyjamas, Skirt, Blouse and Dress it also teaches the basics of sewing and how to decorate your clothing with patterns, embroidery, buttons and more to really make that clothing piece entirely your own creation.


Honestly, she takes the scary technical stuff away and makes it all so fun and simple! Just what I was looking for hooray!


After falling in love with her book, I also brought 3 other patterns to try. These patterns are fantastic, not only are the patterns printed with high quality paper so that you can use them again and again, but it also comes with a useful instruction book which will give you lots of tips and tricks to putting your item together.


So, if you are just getting into sewing like myself, and it all seems a little bit too technique, definitely try out Tilly and The Buttons and you’ll be at it in no time!

On the topic of sewing, something else that has made my life 100x easier is this Rotary Cutter by Ofla and this beautiful A1 sized cutting mat.


To sum up, I had a operation for scoliosis in my spine a few years ago and because of this I easily get pain in my back and sometimes hips if I bend a lot or do a lot of lifting. When I first started sewing, I would sit in my tiled hall at home, place the patterns out and cut around it with a pair of fabric scissors. Not only was I… really bad at cutting it out, the lines never seemed to be smooth and straight and it caused me a lot of pain to be in this position for so long to the point I stopped sewing for a little while..

So after some research, some measuring tape and a paycheck I decided to clear all the clutter from my table in my office and turn into a cutting table! Half of it has my sewing machine on and the other half of it holds this beautiful bright candyfloss mat. It has made my life SO much easier, and the Olfa cutter slices fabric like its butter. Although scissors are still good to use n some areas, I believe the Olfa Cutter is my favourite sewing tool so far!

Oh and the mat can be flipped over to reveal a beautiful lilac colour too. I got both of these from Amazons.

Oh, and I have one more thing! I fell into the dark hole that is ‘Stranger Things’ last week. It is an absolutely brilliant show, very creepy with lots of twists and turns to keep the viewer interested, not to mention I have to love those 80’s vibes! We couldn’t stop watching it, and ended up watching Season 1 in a day and a half.


I’m not going to spoil the plot so all I will say is this, if you’re looking for a TV Show that is something different and you have Netflix, go watch it right now!

Thanks so much for reading and have a wonderful month! – Ellie

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