Lime Crime Marshmallow Review

9th September 2016

Yes that’s right, I finally brought a Lime Crime product! I have wanted to try out Lime Crime for what feels like a life time, but I was waiting for a colour that I knew I would get a lot of wear out of it.


I know Lime Crime do some bold and exciting shades, but I’ve always been a fan of subtle and pretty shades that I can wear day to day. When I saw the pretty light pink shade that is ‘Marshmallow’ I knew it was the perfect shade for me and a perfect time to test if this brand is really worth all the hype!

Although first off I can’t avoid saying this was expensive, I paid around £25 for this lipstick as shipping this from the US was about the same price as the lipstick itself! I do hear though that Limecrime will be soon making its way to UK clothing brand ASOS, which will mean it’ll be a lot cheaper if you want to try it out.. (phew!)


Before I show the lipstick itself, I have to mention how dreamy the packaging it is. How can you open this box and not be excited? That magical bright blue sky with beautiful pink roses, packed with matching tissue paper to keep your order safe.. It is truly beautiful!


The lipstick itself is in this beautiful red rose packaging, with the words Lime Crime Velvetines swirled across it in white font. You slide the lipstick out of this cardboard box, and you get a gorgeous container with matching rose detail on the top. It definitely has an expensive feel to it and it has got to be by far the most beautifully packaged make up I’ve ever laid eyes on!


On first glance, the lipstick is a little smaller to a regular liquid lipstick. As you can see compared to Midi, a similar Colour Pop shade, this is a smaller bottle. Midi has about 0.11 oz and Marshmallow has about 0.08 oz. I find this frustrating since I paid less than half the price for Midi, and it’s bigger.. What a shame!

On opening Marshmallow, I cannot help but do the sniff test! What is that smell? Like chocolate or vanilla… Honestly I can’t put my finger on it but oh wow does it smell AMAZING. Of course, there’s no use really for your lips to smell nice, but it is definitely a lovely extra and good way of making me suddenly craving chocolate (Or maybe that’s a bad thing!).

When I swatch this on my hand, I definitely get some déjà vu again as the colour does remind me of a lot of Midi again. Here is a swatch of the two colours compared, as you can see Midi is just a little bit more of a pinky nude which I wasn’t really expecting. Plus Midi was super fast when it came to drying, but Marshmallow took a bit more time, which can be good thing or a bad thing depending on what you think.16-09-09-13-28-22-475_deco

I like that Colourpop is speedy when it comes to drying, but when it comes to applying it on your lips it feels like it’s about dry before you even apply it, which can be frustrating when you are sloth speed at putting on make up like myself.


Now, to put this cutie on my lips! It’s a beautiful light pink shade and I am so in love! It applies so smoothly to the lips and feels so soft when worn.

Plus I wore this for a whole day, and the colour barely moved! Woohoo!

I am so happy with this colour, although the price and the size of the lipstick does put me off ever so slightly, I do think I’ll be trying another, maybe more exciting colour in future!

Have you tried lime crime? What shade should I get next?


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