OOTD: Mermaid Dreams

7th September 2016

I feel this is the perfect end of Summer outfit, some black for the winter is creeping in but also a little bit of pastel is still hanging on from the warm weather we are all going to miss.


You may have already seen this beautiful Miss Patina top I was gifted for my birthday on my previous post. I have wanted it for so long, and am so happy I am finally getting to wear it. The blue is so pretty, but I feel it stands out the most paired with black. I got this beautiful black pinafore from ASOS (its sold out now sorry!) and I feel it has more of a grown up, elegant sort of feel to it then the normal denim pinafores that can be found every where at the minute. It is so versitle and I feel like a lot of people of different ages, could wear it and look fabulous.


I also matched with it with a very recent purchase, a beret! I have seen a lot of my favourite fashion bloggers wearing this, and just couldnt help but fall in love with how adorable it made them look. I ended up buying two from ASOS (they have many in stock for autumn!) but I wasn’t sure if it suited me as well but I’m going to keep them anyway. I feel it has to be worn in the right sort of way, else it looks less cute and more like a french tourist!

Does it suit? I am still undecided!

I also decided to pair this outfit with a pair of black open toe shoes. I think it would also look adorable paired with a pair of black Mary Jane Flats if you’re not much of a high heel wearer.


Thank you for reading and have a wonderful week. – Ellie

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