August Favourites

7th September 2016

A lot of stuff went on for me in August. First of all it was my 20th birthday, so I had to say goodbye to my teenage years! I went off shopping to Nottingham with my best friend, visited the cat café once again, I went out for lots of food and spent time with all my favourite people.


Though of course, I have to complain like everyone else on Earth, it’s the end of August already?! The year is going by so fast, I feel like I’ve hardly had time to think. Although Autumn is my favourite season, I’m still going to miss the rare sunshine in England!

So anyway, another month, another list of good things! Lets get started!

Firstly, let’s start with a piece of clothing, a piece of clothing I have wanted for a very long time, that I finally was lucky enough to get.

Its this Miss Patina Mercat Top.


I just cannot express how perfect and cute this top is. The print of the little mercats is just so beautifully and made and adorable, the mermaid fin style collar with little pearls on the inside and the fabric, so soft and light.

I am absolutely over the moon with this top, although Miss Patina is a pricey brand, it’s definitely so beautifully made that for me, it’s worth it. You wouldn’t find anything like this anywhere else in the world, that’s for sure.

Next! A beauty product, two in fact. On my little adventure back to Nottingham, me and my friend fell upon a NYX pop up shop in boots. I was so happy, because I had never seen NYX being sold anywhere apart from online. Unfortunately, they were quite low on stock on pretty much everything, but I did manage to grab a new lipstick, and these two pretty eyeshadows.16-09-07-14-05-07-670_deco I was looking for a burgundy colour, which I think will be perfect for Autumn, and I had been looking everywhere for a nice bright pearly white colour. Luckily, I found both at the shop! They are colours are so bright, and I love the cute case they are inside, with a little bow clip on the lid.

Frost Bite and Mademoiselle

Another birthday treat was a brand new spanking laptop! Me and my old laptop, a Toshiba, has been fighting for a while, and the amount of times I hear it making noises so loud I fear it might explode and sometimes, it just turns itself off when it knows I’m doing something important and urgent. So, on my birthday this DELL laptop fell into my lap.16-09-07-13-42-40-536_deco It was a very unexpected gift, but I am so grateful as this means getting work done for both for my shop and this blog will be so much more stress free. After using it only for a few days, I realise how much easier everything is now.


You may remember this gorgeous Sailor Moon Eye liner from my London MCM Haul. Well this month, I finally started using it. Of course, firstly, it is obviously the cutest designed packaging in the universe but secondly, It’s probably the best eyeliner I have ever used! It has a very thin tip, so you can get those precise eye liner wings you had been dreaming of.


Though, I had never used an eye liner this thin, it did take me a little bit of getting use to. It is also waterproof and literally will not budge through out your day, its perfect but definitly not for the beginner!

Lastly, here is something slightly different I tried, and its this amazing app called Free Prints.


Now, maybe its obvious from the title, but from this app you can order photos straight from your phone and have them delivered to your door. You can order up to 500 photos a year, and all you’d have pay is a very small fee of postage (which if I remember correctly is only up to about £3.00 depending on the size of your order). To me, this sounded to good to be true, and when I saw that your first 10 photos ordered would be at no charge at all, I decided to get some!16-09-07-13-43-54-156_deco

I pretty much randomly selected photos that I liked that were already on my phone, and look how nice the quality is! I think it’s such an easy and cheap way of getting photos of your favourite moments and honestly I think we forget how nice it is to have a photo in your hand to keep, then a photo that lives on a screen. I will definitely be revisiting this app and getting more of my best memories printed.

So, there you go! Another month has flew by, I hope you enjoyed reading and I will see you in the next post! – Ellie


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