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July Favourites!

25th August 2016

It’s a bit late as usual, but I’ve finally finished writing up my favourite things of July! So without further a do lets get started!


So lets see.. How about we start with a Make Up Product?

Recently I have been enjoying this little round pot blush from Bourjois Paris. I picked up mine from Boots in the shade Rose De Jaspe at £7.99.

Its such a cute little pot, which is perfect to just pop in your handbag and go with. It’s also so pigmented, all you need is a little bit on the brush that’s included and it’ll make your cheeks just that bit more colourful and bright! It also smells like roses, which is a lovely little extra touch. I definitely have been getting so much use out of it!

My next favourite is as always yet another clothing item! As soon as I saw the launch of Valfre’s new collection Golden Dreams and more specifically this Rosas Dress. I knew I needed it!


Although the items from Valfre are usually more on the expensive side, it is worth it to keep on their instagram and also sign up to their newsletter. I got this Dress with a 20% off code I got through my email, which really made the price so much more reasonable for me!


I absolutely love the black with red rose pattern, I feel like it suits me very well especially with that matching choker! The fabric is very soft and light, plus the choker is separate so you don’t have to wear it with the dress. Though I definitely prefer them together, as I think it really adds something unique to this outfit. Honestly this gorgeous dress is just perfect to me.

My excuse was, its my birthday soon and I obviously need a birthday Dress!

These are two things I am very good at in life, shopping, and making excuses for my shopping..

It’s going to sound oddly specific, but I have wanted a pink backpack for AGES. I was always looking at the beautiful leather backpacks by Grafea, but when you work in a part time job and are ‘trying’ to save money.. £170 is a little steep..

16-08-24-17-32-37-160_deco (1)

But then, I saw this adorable pink backpack in New Look which I just think is adorable! I added a large cream pom pom keychain that’s also from New Look and I think that just upped the adorableness even more. (Is adorableness a word? Oh well, it is now!)

My boyfriend also gifted me this tiny princess cat pin from our local vintage shop, and now, it is the cutest backpack on the planet.

It turns out, you don’t have to spend lots of money on an item, because there are plenty of high-street shops who will sell something similar enough!

The last favourite of my month, is a place. We ventured off to Great Yarmouth for another much needed “short break”. On exploring the beach, we popped into The Sea Life Centre!

That penguin is surprised too!

I don’t know why, maybe it’s just my obsession with Bioshock still hanging on, but I just LOVE everything about the Ocean! It’s almost like a different world, so it is amazing to have places like this to see this magical world.


Although the centre was small, and it felt like it was quite quick going around it, it was still so fun! We got to see so many different sea life, and their are lots of chances to learn more about the creatures and watch them get fed by their keepers!


Although I was disappointed that there wasn’t any hammerhead sharks, but you can’t win them all! (They are my favourite fish!).

Move over Grumpy cat, its Grumpy Fish!

I hope to go to a larger Sea Life Centre one day, but for now, thanks so much for reading and I will see you in the next post.

Have a wonderful week – Ellie


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    1. Thank you Nim haha 😀 I find it really fun to do, but I don’t think I will do Youtube anytime soon as I hate hearing my own voice haha! Writing is much easier for now 🙂 x

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