Make Up Revolution Review!

31st July 2016

A few days ago, I was looking through my local make up shop and found this brand I had never seen before that not only had a beautiful range of make up, but was so cheap too! I went home and decided to look through their online store and what did I find? Something I had hoped to find a long time ago!

Dress from Valfre

Could it be dupes of Too Faced at a quarter of the price!? I just had to place an order and see for myself!

Now, understand here that I do not own ANY Too Faced Products myself, as just with how my life is at the moment, the price is far too high. Personally I can’t justify spending £40.00 for eye-shadow’s. Of course, I am not putting down anyone for taking the splurge, I understand they will be high quality products and it’s definitely nice to do if you are really into Make-Up and want to treat yourself! However, I can safely say I’m not a make up artist or anything like that, I’m just your average girl who likes affordable, easy to use and long lasting make up!

So, I decided to try out 3 make up products from Make Up Revolution! Here is The Salted Caramel Chocolate Palette (£7.99), the Iced heart Blusher (£4.99) and a Focus and Fix Eye Primer (£2.50)!16-07-29-18-11-00-944_deco

So, firstly, I will start with my favourite item, The Salted Caramel Palette!


You can get Makeup Revolution chocolate Palettes in lots of different colours and ‘flavours’. I decided Salted Caramel was my favourite, but I will definitely be back for another one soon I think!

Firstly, I actually prefer this packaging on this Palette to the Too Faced one. I love the raised 3D melting Chocolate effect, it looks so unique and honestly looks a bit more expensive. I’m hungry for chocolate just by looking at it already, Yum!

Inside is 16 different chocolatey colours with a plastic film over the top to tell you what each colour is called. Plus a beautiful large mirror inside too, so it’s a great palette for throwing in your hand bag so you can check your make up through out the day.


So now, let us compare to a picture of the Too Faced Palette!


Very similar colours wouldn’t you say? Just in a slightly different order!


Too Faced: £39.00

Make up Revolution: £7.99

Some of these colours are matt, and some are super sparkley. I really like that there is a good mix, so that its pretty much perfect for anyone. They all feel quite buttery and creamy too and can be blended together very easily.

So now, here is some swatches of the colours inside!




They are all very pigmented and bright, only one swipe and you’ve got a great colour which is brilliant. Excuse that you can barely see the lighter shades (Like Cake and Yum!) on my skin as I am VERY pale. These colours look better on me when I blend them together with other colours from the palette too.

Overall, I am SO impressed with this palette. I decided to use it with the Make Up Revolution eye primer, and honestly, it lasts all day with no need to top it up. Compared to other Eye Primers, £2.50 is an absolute steal for making this eye shadow just a little stronger. Of course, I’m sure any other Primer you already have at home would do a great job too.

So, next is the beautiful Iced Hearts Blusher.


I absolutely love the packaging of this cute little heart, it is encased in cardboard and then in a plastic holder so the heart sits well in place.


And here is the Too Faced one!



Too Faced: £24.00

Make Up Revolution: £4.99

Too Faced and Make Up Revolutions Heart Shaped Blusher are so similar once again with that heart shaped box. However, this time I do think the Too Faced packaging has a slightly more

Though, on the inside, these products look pretty much the same..

I think the 3 shades in here are beautiful, so pigmented once again and lasts a good amount of time.


As you can see, it goes from an icy white highlighter, to a pink blusher to a darker bronzer. The colours are also perfect for my skin tone, as a lot of blushers I have tried do end up being too dark for me, so its nice to find one that’s a nice light shade! It also comes in lots of darker tones too on Make Up Revolutions website. And for £4.99, whats the harm in giving it a go?

So overall? I am SO happy with products I ordered! They arrived quickly with in only a few days, and none of these 3 products let me down in anyway. I’m sure this wouldn’t be changing a lot of people to buy this instead of Too Faced, but if you want a cheaper alternative, why not just try it out?

MUR Iced Heart Blusher

MUR Chocolate Eye Shadow

Too Faced Chocolate Eye Shadow

Too Faced Sweethearts Blush

Thanks for reading – Ellie

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