June Favourites

29th July 2016

So it’s the end of another month, so that can only mean one thing, it’s time for the favourites!


I almost forgot to do this, which isn’t too surprising! I have been pretty busy recently with ‘general life stuff’ and haven’t really felt like I’ve had to time to sit down and write. Though, here I am now, so without further a do, let’s get right to it!

The first thing is a new eyeliner I tried! Honestly, I have been using the same liquid eyeliner since… well since the first time I ever used an eyeliner! The eyeliner I’ve always used is from Seventeen, I believe it was called ‘Make Your Mark’. Although this has been a very trusty product for me, I decided it was time to treat myself and buy something new! The one I chose was recommended to me by a friend, and it’s the Soap and Glory Super Cat Eyeliner. Honestly, I wish I’d tried it sooner, it has a thinner nib then the one I used to use so I can get a better point at the end of my eyeliner wings. Not to mention, as with all other Soap and Glory products, the packaging is beautiful! I will definitely be back to buying this again when it runs low.

So, if you follow my blog, you will know last month I visited MCM Expo London for the weekend. Other than having a great time, I also came home with some pretty great items! Two of them being these beautiful necklaces from Baku Forest Studios..


Honestly, these pieces are so well made and I have been wearing them very often. I liked them so much in fact that I ended up visiting her Etsy not that long after I was home from London. As soon as I saw she had made a beautiful wooden Koi necklace I decided I needed it. Honestly, Fran is a lovely lady, I asked her to create me a smaller Koi as the one she intentionally created was large and I never really wear statement jewellery. She responded to me so quickly and was on it straight away, creating my very own personal fish.


When my necklace arrived I was just in awe of how well made and beautiful it looked, it’s a real treasure. You can also choose from any colour for your fish to be painted but I decided to stick with the classic Gold and Red.

Another thing is something more on the cheaper side, and it’s probably what 99% of girls love to use anyway, but something I’ve only just got back in to using! It’s Body Spray, and to be more specific it’s the Vanilla Kisses by Impulse. I decided to buy it kind of randomly on a trip to Super Drug, and now I can’t seem to stop using it. Vanilla is one of my all time favourite scents, and this just smells gorgeous! Will definitely be re purchasing this soon 😀


Something else I enjoyed this month? Would you believe it, organising! I must say, this past year I’ve definitely done my fair share of clothes shopping. So much so, my wardrobe is getting a little… crowded! So I decided to do a big sort out, from what I love and what I used to love, but now would never wear. If I’m going to be honest, I think it’s quite a hard thing to do. The way you dress can be a very big part of your life, and once you buy something in winter, once it comes around to winter again, will it be something you’d feel good in again?


Fashion trends are so fast paced, that something you love can so easily be something you hate, but letting go of something you used to really like is kind of hard. One time I heard something that I think can help to make throwing things away slightly easier, which is to look at an item and ask “does this thing bring me joy?” And if not? You get rid of it. If that top or dress doesn’t make you feel happy, or make you want to wear it? You don’t need it.
Though, I am definitely not one for just throwing stuff away! It is so nice to recycle old clothes, because something you don’t like, might be someone’s dream item! I often upload to eBay, but I am seeing Depo becoming a lot more popular when selling fashion items. It’s something I definitely recommended trying out, considering you also will make a bit of extra money too!

And the last thing I’ve enjoyed is Enamel Pins!


I think everyone is enjoying these at the moment, as there are now SO many online that their really is something for everyone.. I only have four in my collection so far, and I am generally stopping myself from buying more before I get addicted to them. They are a really interesting way to make an outfit so much cuter, and generally, they are just nice to own. My Sailor Moon and Labyrinth inspired pins are from Sugar Bones and the other two are from Fairy Cakes. They have a few other different designs to choose from and are so high quality they are so worth having a look through!

Thank you for reading! – Ellie

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