Colour Pop Review!

29th July 2016

Like everyone at the moment, I’ve also been going crazy over liquid lipsticks! And once I saw the upcoming indie brand ‘Colour pop’ release their own range of Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks, I knew I had to give them a go!


Colour Pop is a rather new American Cosmetics Brand that sells anything from Highlighters to Eye Shadows to Lipsticks. The main reason they have become so popular recently, especially in the Social Media world, is because of their cheap price! A liquid lipstick would cost you around $6, which compared to most other brands, is pretty darn cheap. With a price like that, I had to try them out.

Since unfortunately Colour Pop is not yet available in the UK, I used a very trustworthy Ebay seller to purchase mine from. They arrived quickly and in perfect condition, if you are going to use this method please make sure you check through reviews and the sellers over-all profile, as of course there are a lot of scammers to watch out for online.

Anyway, on to what I brought! Although Colour Pop have a large range of Liquid Lipsticks (you name it, anything from red to blue), I am a lover of Nude lipsticks at the moment. So I decided to purchase Midi and a more pink shade that is Solow.


Firstly, the packaging on these lipsticks I think are beautiful.  They arrive in a white box, with the words “ULTRA MATTE LIP” printed in holographic letters.


Both ends of the white box are red, with a sticker on the top stating what colour is inside.


The lipsticks themselves are inside a transparent container with a silver cap. Again, a sticker at the bottom of the container tells you its colour.


Overall, I think the packaging looks very high end, and the holographic lettering makes it feel very on trend and new.



Firstly, I will show you Midi. It is described as a Soft Neutral Beige, I think this is a lovely every day colour and I think it’s a beautiful shade. It’s very pigmented, only one stroke over the lips and you have full coverage, but this lipstick dries FAST. Almost too fast, to the point it is drying as you are applying which can make it a little difficult. Once on, this lipstick feels smooth and light on the lips, and of course does not budge even after food and a drink which I think is brilliant! As far as I could tell this lipstick had no scent to it either.



Next up is Solow. Now, I actually picked this shade because it was supposed to be a nice cheap alternative to Lime Crimes Cupid (since I don’t own the shade, I’ll let you decide if it’s close!) It is described as Neutral Nude Pink, and again, I think it is a very pretty shade, and very pigmented so I only needed to apply it once. I wore this lipstick for a whole day out, and it must have lasted around 6 hours before I felt I wanted to re-apply it, which is pretty incredible in my opinion.

So now, here is a swatch of the colours in comparison!


So, to sum up!


  • AMAZING stay power. Food, Drink and kissing this lipstick won’t move an inch!
  • Amazing value for money against brands like Jeffree Star, Lime Crime and even NYX.
  • Light on lips, hardly feels like you are wearing lipstick.
  • Very pigmented, only one stroke of it and you are good to go.
  • Cruelty Free!


  • You have to be quick when applying, because this dries very quickly.
  • Has SO much staying power, it’s very hard to remove from the lips. Honestly, it felt like it was actually glued to my lips.
  • Very drying, you will need to moisturise after use, as they can make your lips feel dry ever after taking it off. If you have naturally dry lips, I wouldn’t recommend these.
  • This brand is not available locally, only online.

Overall, I think these two lipsticks I tried out are lovely, but the fact it makes my lips feel so very dry after use, does put me off them slightly. Even so, with such a cheap price and a wide range of colours, it’s definitely worth giving a go, without having to break the bank!

Thanks for reading my review and have a nice week!

  • Ellie



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