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29th July 2016

I recently visited Norwich, and found this adorable Bee Shirt from Topshop. I love it so much, I decided to make this grungy outfit based all around it.


First off, you can find the shirt here. Is it a lovely shirt that looks great buttoned up and undone, the fabric is very soft and light which means its still comfortable to wear in the hot summer (whenever UK will finally get it!).

I also love these Platform Mary Jane shoes that are from Topshop too (unfortunately they are sold out now from here). They are perfect for some extra height, but are also great to wear in the day time as they are very comfortable.

16-07-14-17-39-41-682_deco The bag reminded me of one of those expensive Chloe bags with that gold hoop, but actually this was only £7.00 from Primark, what a bargain!

It also came with tassels in the corners, but I didn’t like them so I decided to remove them and just leave the gold hoops.

16-07-14-17-41-24-455_deco I also included my beautiful Baku Forest Studios Koi necklace I brought recently, and can’t seem to stop wearing. i think it fits perfect with this black and gold outfit.

16-07-14-17-43-27-387_deco And, for when the weather gets cold (as it always does in UK..) I decided to also put this outfit with this beautiful Valfre Butterfly Jacket I got last year! The embroidery is beautiful, which is definitely a massive trend at the moment.

16-07-14-17-42-57-191_deco I am now complete with butterfly’s, wasp’s and Koi Fish, so I’m pretty much a human pond haha.


Thank you so much for reading and I’ll be back with another outfit post soon! – Ellie


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