MCM Expo 2016 Sum up!

29th July 2016

Lets talk MCM!


Hey everyone! Yesterday I arrived back from my wonderful trip to London for another weekend of MCM Comic Con fun! I thought I would like tell you a little bit about my short trip and at the end of this a few notes on tips if you are wanting to attend Comic Con for the first time!

I have been attending London MCM for 3 years now, and honestly each time I have attended, it has become better and better. The event itself is getting larger and busier every year now as more people find themselves interested in the event, In fact a new record of 133,000 people attended this year!


For the past few times I have attended, we took the more expensive but more relaxed idea of booking a nearby hotel. I would so recommend this to anyone who hasn’t before, it will make your time there so much more relaxed and it’s so much better than trying to see everything in one day. We arrived early Friday afternoon, and by about 3 O’clock we were in the huge Excel Centre. The best thing about arriving at this time, is that we missed all the frantic queuing, which meant on the Saturday and Sunday, we could walk straight on in with our wristbands on, rather than standing and waiting for the morning. On the Friday afternoon it is very relaxed, we took time to check out our favourite stalls and get some items before they sold out and before it got too crowded! (I got the very last Chocobo plush from Square Enix for example!). We stayed in our hotel for 3 nights this year, so we had some of the day after MCM to say Goodbye to London before beginning our journey home.


There was so many booths this year that I enjoyed! My boyfriend enjoyed The Fear The Walking Dead booth, where you had a range of challenges to complete to win a wristband (such as getting a finger out of zombie guts with your face and playing hook a duck with zombie heads!).


My personal favourite was the Hello Kitty Japanese garden that was set up complete with Cherry Blossom and Zen Garden!

I miss my Hello Kitty Chair!

From these examples, you can see how much the stalls range and there really is something for everyone to enjoy. As usual, there were also lots of game booths to enjoy too, and we got to try out the new Attack on Titan game which was great fun!

There were a few famous faces attending this year too, my boyfriend had a little chat with the actor Warwick Davis. Other special guests this year were Jesse Eisenberg and Big Bang Theory stars Kunal Nayyar and Melissa Rauch.

I also saw some amazing Cosplays this year! As you know already, Cosplaying is something I love to do, but seeing other people’s outfits is so fantastic! I loved the Disney costumes the most this year, but I also some other amazing outfits too! (I don’t know the cosplayers below so I hope they don’t mind being featured!).


Although, my real favourite thing about MCM is shopping around at the stalls and getting things you really can’t get anywhere else!

Tofu Cute

I will show you what I came home with in my next post, but I got some weird and wonderful things! There are stalls for pretty much anyone which is what makes the event great. I personally love the Japanese stalls, I love to try the new snacks and see the adorable plushies you never normally see in the UK.

Comic Village is also a fun place I like to visit, as it where all the artists sell their work. They are also so nice to chat to and it’s inspiring to see all their creations.. A few of them will also draw you, which is what we did on the last day, such a great thing to come home with and remember your trip by and I would definitely recommend doing it! They simply snap a photo of you and then you go back in an hour to collect your own personal drawing. One stall this year was even offering to draw you as a sloth which we had a good laugh about!


MCM is always a fantastic event, and is great to have all nerds united to have fun. Even when you exit the building and look outside at the green, happy music is usually being played and people are chatting and dancing and generally having a great time. Everyone has been so nice everytime I have attended and you can pretty much just chat to anyone. Even the people running the stalls are so kind too, and will always answer any questions you have.


I am also happy that they are starting to make MCM a lot safer. Bag checks were thoroughly done on entering The Excel, any sharp props or dangerous objects where taken away, and sniffer dogs where making their rounds throughout the day. Although in my personal opinion, more could still been done, but I know they will improve and I do think they are making changes to make MCM safer and more relaxed for everyone which is great!


Honestly, I could ramble on about how much I loved MCM this year forever, but I just wanted to make a list of a few tips and tricks in order to enjoy the day or the weekend even more if this is your first time going! I hope maybe someone will find this helpful, even if some of it is stating the obvious!

  • MCM will be a very long and very tiring day! If you want to enjoy the whole day there, you will be up very early and get home very late. Although you may feel like you have too much to do and see, please make sure to take plenty of breaks for food, drinks and to generally sit down.
  • As I already mentioned, if you feel there is a lot you want to do, save up and book a nearby hotel! Although they do book up fast, but it will make your time there a lot more relaxed and enjoyable.
  • If you do get a hotel, pick well! Don’t end up going to a hotel that’s horrible, its always easy to pick a travel lodge or
  • If you don’t want to do a lot of queuing or you hate crowded areas, the best days to go will be the Sunday or Friday. It’s always extremely crowded and busy on Saturday.
  • Bring a drink with you! Not only is it cheaper, but its much better then wandering around for ages looking for one and queuing. The excel can get very hot too from the amount of people, so stay hydrated. If you can bring snacks too!
  • Don’t spend all your money at once, especially if you’re staying for the weekend. This is so easy to do, and it’s very easy to run completely out of money. Make sure you have enough money left over for food and to get home! That cool figure isn’t really worth getting stuck in London for!
  • A few of the stalls sell roughly the same things, allow yourself to compare prices. A lot of items go on sale on the Sunday too, as stalls will want to get rid of the items they couldn’t sell.
  • Pack what you need, and make sure you have lots of room in your suitcase for purchases! Please do not carry 5 bags on the underground like I had to.
  • Cosplayers LOVE to have their photo taken, but please make sure you ask first! No one likes a photo when they don’t realise its being taken. Also it’s best to leave them alone if they are having a break or eating.
  • Plan your day! if you are only there for one day, check out the map and make a plan of what stalls you want to see and if you want to see a celebrity start queuing as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.
  • Keep yourself clean and fresh! Take a Body Spray or Deodorant since it does get very hot in The Excel, plus it’s always good to carry some hand wipes or hand sanitizer with you too!
  • This year there was a lot of talk of rubbish being littered everywhere, so as obvious as it is, please make sure you put your rubbish in a bin.
  • Most importantly, have fun and be nice to everyone!


Have a nice week and enjoy your future Cons! – Ellie


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