MAC Lipstick Review

28th July 2016

Recently I wanted to try something new with make up! So I decided to finally try out those famous MAC lipsticks!


I’ve seen people wearing this make up brand around online for the longest time, but honestly, for a lipstick, it was a little too expensive for me at the time. But recently, I decided to just go for it!

So let me show you what I got! Over the past 2 months, I’ve ended up with 3 different shades.


Here is Velvet Teddy, Kinda Sexy and Faux..


First off, I love the packaging of these lipsticks. They just have such a simple, yet classy look to them which I really like.

Before I start showing you the lipsticks, here are what my natural lips look like so you can compare the colour!


So, since Velvet Teddy was the first one I purchased, I guess I’ll start off with that.

Velvet Teddy is a Brown Lipstick with a reddish undertone, which according to the internet, got lots of hype since Kylie Jenner started using it and was quite hard to get hold of for a while. The very first thing I noticed about this lipstick, and all of MAC’s lipstick in fact, is that yummy scent they seem to have! I can’t think personally what exactly the fragrance is like, but my boyfriend seems to think it smells of caramel. Of course, nice smelling lips isn’t really going to matter, but it’s a lovely extra!


Velvet Teddy is a Matte Lipstick, but honestly doesn’t feel like it when applied. It’s so creamy and smooth, and doesn’t feel drying at all. Since it is brownish shade, I thought it wouldn’t look that nice on me and did worry after I brought it online. But when I tried it in person, as you can see on the photo it looks slightly red rather then brown, which I think looks very pretty on my pale skin. This was the first lipstick I fell in love with, and after this I decided I needed to get another one

The next lipstick is Kinda Sexy! This lipstick is once again, a Matte, but is just as creamy and smooth as Velvet Teddy. As you can see, it’s more of a peachy pink, and I think it’s a very cute colour and is perfect for spring. I also noticed this shade sort of makes your teeth look slightly whiter, and who doesn’t want that really!


Lastly, and more recently, I order Faux. This lipstick has a Satin Finish rather than a Matte, which I think is very pretty, but I feel it doesn’t last as long as the other lipsticks do. I feel this colour is extremely close to my natural lip colour, and is definitely a ‘your lips but better’ colour. I think it’s a perfect everyday shade, if you just want that bit extra with your make up


I understand these colours look quite similar on me, so here is a swatch comparison so you can really see how the colour vary.


Overall, I think these lipsticks are beautiful, they last a while, smell great and look gorgeous on! Although the price can be a bit off putting, I do think they are worth it and are a great item to have in your make up bag 🙂

Thanks for reading – Ellie

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