Alice Madness Returns Cosplay

28th July 2016

I took some photos of my lastest Cosplay, Alice from the game Alice Madness Returns! I have wanted to do this cosplay for so long, so I figured I would share some photos and my review of the company I brought it from!

IMG_20160523_113731 (1)

When I was in school, me and my friends honestly couldn’t get enough of the wonderful and weird game that is Alice Madness Returns. She has been on my long list of cosplay’s for a while, and once I saw TailorShop88 on Etsy selling her Chinese Dress, I knew it would be the perfect cosplay from my trip to MCM Comic Con this coming May!


How cute does it look? Although it is a little bit different it colour to the actual dress in the game, this wasn’t something I minded as I don’t take my Cosplay too seriously, its just what I do for fun.


It took about a month and  a half for my dress to arrive, which considering it came from Hong Kong and made just for my measurements, I thought this wasn’t too long to wait. When it arrived, I was quite surpised that everything was separate. It came as a top, a skirt, a belt, a bow to clip on the belt, two blue ribbons for the wait, two pink ones for the arms, a pair of gloves and lastly the apron. It was quite hard to get it all on originally, the first thing was the apron could not just hold on the belt, it definitely needed to be sewn on else it would just fall out. My next criticism was that the gloves where huge, so I had to make those smaller and more fitted else they would’ve just fallen of my hands.


The sleeves were also quite large on me, as you can see on the above picture. Two pink ribbons are supposed to tie around the sleeves, but all they did was slip off and fall down my arm, so I ended up leaving them at home when I went to MCM.

Other then these little things I had to change, I still love the outfit! The fabric and print on the dress is beautiful. and it feels every comfortable to wear. I thin the bow on the back is so cute and good quality, it didn’t feel like it was going to fall of as the pin holding it was very secure.

IMG_20160523_114610 (1)

I purchased the Black wig from the company Wig is Fashion. I usually just buy my cosplay wigs from Ebay, but I had heard great reviews about this website so I decided to spend a little more and get a good quality wig.

The wig is very comfortable and doesn’t feel heavy on my head. And of course it looks exactly like Alice’s hair in the game 🙂

wigYou can get the wig here

The tights are just from Ebay and the knife is just an old Halloween prop, but I think it works pretty well for Alice!


You can find the dress, and lots of other handmade cosplays from TailorShop88 here 

Hopefully I will upload a lot more cosplay reviews soon, because it really is something I love getting!

Thanks for reading – Ellie

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