The White Pepper Review

27th July 2016

Falling in and out of love..


I thought I would take the time tonight to write a little review of a brand I fell in love with over two years ago,  then broke up with, then fell back in love again. We really have had an on and off relationship.

So for this review, I’m going to take you right back to the start of 2015, when I had just started my first full time job!

I saw this Dinosaur top on instagram and decided to buy it as one of my first purchases with my first ‘big’ wage.


I still love this top now! It’s a cream crop shirt made of a beautiful light cotton. As you can see it’s covered in adorable prints of dinosaurs, almost like it’s been drawn on by a child.. It kind of makes me feel like one of those cool kids art show presenters from the 80s haha.

I love this top! And at £45, I guess I better love it!

And with that I fell in love with the brand. The top arrived quickly, was such high quality and was something I hadn’t seen anyone else wearing.

So, roughly a week later, I was back again.

This time it was another splurge of roughly £60.

And  it was this Button – Cuff Angel Dress in pink.


It took a little longer to arrive this time, but not too long for me to moan. When it finally arrived, I tried it on and instantly hated it.

As you can see on the model above, it can look very pretty, but I realised smock dresses weren’t really the kind of fit I liked, so the next day I returned it and waited for my money back.

And I waited.

And I waited.

I sent countless emails and received nothing back.

I even rang the phone number on the website but all they had to say was The whitepepper had moved locations and weren’t using that number anymore.

I eventually, after 3 weeks, got an reply via email saying “we will keep an eye out for it” and that was it.

It was coming up to the start of May, when I had had enough, so I opened a dispute on PayPal.

Once I had opened the dispute, suddenly, they were very fast on replying to me and weirdly enough they had found the dress that I had sent over a month ago just now? Wow!

Apparently all I needed to do was close the dispute and they would give me a full refund.

Obviously, I replied probably a bit more angry this time after being messed around so much already. I asked for my money back and then, when I’m happy, I’ll close the dispute.

Thankfully, they did. I received my full refund almost straight after that message.. But they were a hard brand to get through too!

Flash forward almost a year, to before Christmas.

I fell in love again…

With this beautiful constellation print shirt!


I know, when I bought it, it was probably a bad idea.. But all I could think at the time was how pretty it looks!

It arrived quick this time but..


I felt so silly. I emailed them straight away, but felt like it was all my fault for trusting them again when I had had such a bad experience before.. Now I’ll never get that top or money back!

But wait!  I got an email back the next day. They had already packaged the shirt I wanted and sent it, and requested I could send the wrong item back to them.

They were excellent this time around, and dealt with the problem so quickly. They even refunded me the postage fees for me to send the wrong item back with.

So here is the shirt.


It’s super light, and the print is beautiful and bright. I wore it very happily on Christmas day.

I was so happy they were so quick to help me, even around the busiest time of the year.

So more recently,  the white pepper released their spring collection, which is themed around Japan.


If you know me, you’ll know I love all things Japanese, and it’s a place I dream of visiting one day.

This collection is beautiful, ranging through pastel colours embellished with ribbons and adorable prints of sushi. There’s quite a few things from this that are on my wishlist now. Though for now, I treated myself to my personal favourite, this pastel pink top with bow sleeves.

Bow1                                                          Bow2 (1)

It’s a really adorable top, and I’m sure I’ll be wearing a lot this summer. On this item, I used a code to get free next day delivery, so the item arrived quickly of course.

To sum up. The White Pepper have been the very worst, but then at the same time one of the best brands I’ve bought from. I hope this review doesn’t make you not want to try them, just remember to always be wery when online shopping and that you know the risks as it’s not always straight forward as we would like and companies, even very big well known companies, do make mistakes.

Stay Safe!


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