The Cat Cafe!

27th July 2016

Is there a better way to finish a month? I don’t think so!
The other week Connor and I headed over to Nottingham for a few days for a break. I had been working a lot, so this trip seemed to land perfectly in time for us to get some time together. As a surprise for me on our arrival, we had a booking at a cafe next door to our hotel..
And this wasn’t just any old cafe.
That’s right.

16-03-07-17-40-48-496_deco      16-03-07-17-42-02-996_deco     16-03-07-17-41-36-227_deco (1)

It’s quite a large building, but also very busy. They have a tight schedule on the guests as it’s very popular, which is understandable to me. Everyone and anyone seemed to be enjoying it, from elderly couples to young children.
The place is also very cutely decorated of course, the whole area is made up of beautiful brightly coloured arm chairs and sofas for us, the humans, as well as cat beds, toys, scratching posts and climbing areas for all 50 cats that live there.

16-03-07-17-45-23-179_deco        16-03-07-17-44-03-229_deco          16-03-07-17-43-02-160_deco

As it is a café too, of course you can choose from a massive range of teas, milkshakes, cakes and even sandwiches. I got a delicious chocolate cheesecake, which was so rich but.. so yummy..
You also will have a little tent to put over your food and drinks so you know the cats won’t be able to have a nibble if you decide to have a wander. Although they didn’t seem too interested in my cake lucky for me.
The great thing about this place is too, that if you are looking for a pet, all the cats living there are up for adoption! What better place to choose a new furry family member then over a slice of cake and a cup of tea? 🙂

16-03-07-17-40-23-305_decoAll in all, it’s an adorable place to visit no matter your age, and I will definitely be taking my best friend there one day too!
I even got a selfie with a cat which was a must for me of course..


Thanks for reading and have a lovely day!

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