April/May Favourites

27th July 2016

Of course, it’s sort of a blogger ‘thing’ to upload a collection of their favourite things of the month. It’s a bandwagon I decided to jump on. I’m not so sure if I will be able to keep this up for every month, but every now and again I’d like to upload a few different things I brought or did that may be interesting to you.


So, here goes!

My first favourite thing of this past month or so is, lipsticks! Lipsticks are actually something I’ve never been interested in since very recently. To be honest, I think it’s very much a confidence thing… I kind of felt like if I wore lipstick, or changed my daily make up in any way, people would think I look weird? Which sounds so silly, I know! So recently, I decided I’d to have a bit more confidence in myself in what I wear, so I went ahead and brought a few! But I’ll just show you all my favourites for now.


The first was two of the NYX Lip Lingerie Range which only recently came out, Bedtime Flirt and Lace Detail, and the other is Matte Me Sleek in Birthday Suit.

I think they are lovely nude colours, perfect for everyday wear. The Matte me Birthday Suit looks a quite dark on my pale skin though, but I still really enjoy wearing it. Although these are matte, to me they do feel a bit drying, so I wouldn’t recommend wearing it nonstop. They are very pretty shades though, and are very long lasting, a couple of hours, even with eating and drinking, and they still stay where they are supposed to stay.

I will have some other lipstick reviews coming to the blog soon too!

Moving on, another favourite thing of this month was a more recent one, I went to see Zootroplis! It’s an adorable, witty film with messages that couldn’t be more relevant then right now. It is set in a world were animals have evolved and replaced humans entirely, and both prey and predator are learning to live in harmony. The film centres around Judy Hopps, who is going to be the first ever rabbit to join the police force, and in solving her first real case, to find a missing otter!

Of course like any Disney film, its silly and cute, but the messages underneath it all make it a great film to teach children a few lessons about stereotypes and how if you set your mind to it, you can achieve anything, even if you are as small as are bunny.. Plus the scene with the sloths is a particular hilarious scene! 😀

I also made a sticker pack recently, because I just loved Nick and Judy so much as characters. I hope you might like it too!

Another one of my favourites this past month, was this new watch I brought. I’ve wanted a watch for a while, and being supervisor at the new store I work at, I was needing to check the time more than ever. So when this little beauty popped up on my Facebook feed. I decided I needed it in my life.
It’s a rose gold watch, with a pink strap. The watch is available in many other colours but this was just the perfect colour for me personally. Such a beautiful accessory, that I believe will never go out of style.


The last thing I have enjoyed about the month is sewing! It’s something I’ve always wanted to learn, but figured would be way too hard for me. I decided to follow some online tutorials first, but now enjoy just making random things on my own. The first thing I made was this yeti, from following an online tutorial: http://crafts.tutsplus.com/tutorials/how-to-make-a-kawaii-yeti-monster-plush-softie–craft-8553

He came out pretty wonky and not as good as I thought I could make it. Although my boyfriend says he’s cute haha.
I think I’m getting better now though, this bunny and bear for example where some of my own creations without following a tutorial.

My best friend liked the bunny, so I gave it to her recently.
It’s something I really enjoy, and is quite relaxing in a way for me, I hope to get time to work on some larger sewing products, but for now I’m still keeping it simple until I get better!

Thank you for reading and have a nice day! – Ellie

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